Sep 17

dhgate-wholesale-searches VS. lightinthebox-popular-searches

DH Gate and Light In The Box are two renowned China-based wholesale marketplaces, both having a remarkably huge customer base, though outsiders cannot tell their exact market shares.

See the above comparison between DHgate’s Wholesale Searches section and LightInTheBox’s Popular Searches counterpart. Whose “searches” is more reliable? I mean, are they really based on natural searches on their websites? And what’s your reason for your judgment?

So far, I incline to believe that DHgate’s top searches result seems more natural. I think one simple way can reveal the trick: on, its Wholesale Searches terms are all displayed in lower-case forms, but on LightInTheBox, the Popular Searches are shown neatly with each initial of each word capitalized. What do you think? Just imagine, will visitors use capitalized words to search for what they are interested in? At least for me, it sounds abnormal—when I search for information in search engines, e.g. Google, I seldom use upper-case forms consciously, as search results normally do not separate lower-case words from upper-case words. So why bother to deliberately enter a capitalized form when it is not at all necessary?

Want to know the details? Go visit or www, and compare by yourself!

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