Nov 22

As the beginning day of the year’s Christmas shopping season, Black Friday is traditionally the can’t-miss day for grabbing great deals. It’s only a few days away from this year’s Black Friday, and make sure to keep yourself up-to-date on all Black Friday 2010 sale alerts!

Most retailers will open much earlier on Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, some even as early as midnight on the evening before. On that day, huge promotions will be launched to attract shoppers – retailers know well that once the Christmas shopping season begins, people’s wallets will be opened up!

Today, Black Friday sales are no longer exclusively launched by localized retail stores. Many online stores (whether wholesale or retail) start to seize the sales-booting Black Friday to release awesome offers too. In recent years, an increasing number of end consumers choose to grad deals from some famous online wholesale shops based in foreign countries such as China on Black Friday, instead of going to local shops.

Black Friday 2010 Sale

Offering unbeatable wholesale prices on small quantities of orders is one of the best-known features of most Chinese online wholesale websites targeting small businesses. This means, not only retailers and re-sellers are able to get super low prices on items they stock up for sale, but also individual shoppers can benefit from such stores to cut their spending. Especially when it comes to Christmas supplies shopping, each family needs a variety of products to prepare for a happy Christmas. It will help save really big to shop direct from suppliers other than local re-sellers who need to make more profits from the products they sell to you.

These days I’ve been keeping my eyes on the most popular China-based wholesale stores, trying to find some useful information about Black Friday sales. So far, only Lightinthebox has started its Black Friday sale, a 7-day sale that will extend to November 27, the day after the Black Friday 2010. Below are some of the best Black Friday 2010 deals I’ve captured from the website. Take a look!

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More Black Friday 2010 Deals from >>

Within the left days, I’ll try to dig out more valuable Black Friday 2010 sales info from other stores for your reference. Be sure to come back for the latest updates!

More Black Friday deals from other stores:

1. Milanoo Black Friday Sale:

Black Friday Deals from Milanoo

Image courtesy of Lightinthebox, Milanoo

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