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The Valentine’s Day 2011 is still a season away from now, but some early-bird re-sellers have already started thinking about what to pick up for the Valentine shopping season. As a reviewer of the China wholesale industry, here I would like to share my insights into what will be the best Valentine’s Day 2011 gifts for ladies first.

Stylish Evening Bags or Handbags
If your girlfriend or wife is in fashion, it will never go wrong to gift her a stylish evening bag or handbag, even when she has already got a closet of fashionable bags. Of course, you gotta know whether she is a fan of a certain brand or simply an evening bag or handbag fanatic who cares the designs more than the brands. She will be definitely delighted to receive the beautiful evening bag or handbag you’ve picked carefully for her. And my another reason for ranking stylish evening bags or handbags at the top of best Valentine’s Day 2011 gifts for ladies is: it’s much easier to shop a lovely evening bag or handbag that suits her taste.

Satin Silk Evening Bags Sequin Bangquet Bags

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Stunning Jewelry
Just imagine. On the romantic Valentine’s Day, your girlfriend or wife and you are sitting around the table in the restaurant you both love. Everything looks no difference from the ordinary until suddenly you pick a piece of stunning jewelry out from your pocket and put it on her. Surprise! Then, with your beloved woman wearing the beautiful jewelry you selected for her, you will see how deep the affection is from her eyes.

Swarovski Crystal Necklaces Royal Blue Bracelets

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Chic Electronic Gadgets
Some ladies are crazy about practical gifts such as chic electronic gadgets. For these females, you’d better pick something that can really suit her fancy. For example, if you notice that she is looking for a trendy e-book reader, just prepare an adorable e-book reader for her. These ladies would absolutely prefer gifts that they think will make their life easier with more fun. Make sure to go for those which also have a chic look – no ladies would dislike fashion.

imito Tablet PCs Wifi TV Cell Phones

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Sexy High Heels
The moment she opens the gift box, she is expecting something that can touch her heart. When she sees the sexy high heels inside the box, she finds herself totally moved at the bottom of her heart – only the most intimate soul mate knows her exact size and taste and is able to pick up a gift so lovely and attractive. The gift sender must know her really well as he is so good at bringing her best side into a full play!

Blue Fashion High Heels Sheepskin Fashion High Heels

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Classic Evening Dresses
It may be over-the-top to present a huge gift box containing an evening dress to a lady in a romantic restaurant, but not at all if you choose to gift it to her at home. I always believe that gifting somebody apparel is the best way to show your unique love towards the gift recipient. All ladies need a few pieces of statement evening dresses. But shopping a classic evening dress is generally tricky enough. If you can do the job for her, what would she think? Next time, wearing the fabulous evening dress, she will be not only the most ravishing woman, but also the proudest lady in the party.

Chiffon Evening Dresses                 Pink Sheath Evening Dresses             Charming Cocktail Dresses

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So, have you got any inspiration from the best Valentine’s Day 2011 gifts for ladies? For more Valentine’s Day 2011 gift ideas, please keep up-to-date on our future updates.

Images courtesy of Lightinthebox, AliExpress and Milanoo

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