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ZTE is one of the most famous Chinese brands of mobile phones. It is generally recognized as a typical representative of premium Chinese national manufacturer or supplier of made-in-China quality products. In the Chinese domestic market, the brand has built extensive co-operative relationships with various reputable mobile service providers such as China Telecom.

ZTE Nubia Z5S smartphone
Image courtesy of Banggood.com

Nubia is an elite mobile phone brand belonging to ZTE, mainly targeting high-end cell phone users. Nubia Z5S, in particular, is getting sharply popular among the Chinese as well as the global buyers recently, simply because people noticed that Liyuan, Peng, the first lady of China, had used this made-in-China model to shoot photos during her official German trip with her husband, China’s national chairman.

Now let’s see what kinds of features this advanced ZTE Nubia Z5S NX503A smartphone is empowered with:
1. Powerful CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 8974, quad core, 2.3GHz.
2. Latest OS: Android 4.2.2.
3. Unlocked for worldwide use.
4. High-definition screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels, 443PPI.
5. Dual-camera: 5.0MP front camera and 13.0MP back camera with
flashlights and auto focus, F2.2, up to 4308×3120 pixels resolution, standing out by amazing night scenery shooting.
6. Compatible with 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz and 3G: WCDMA 2100MHz; EVDO800 MHz.
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With a fashionable appearance and a sleek body, the 5-inch ZTE Nubia Z5S NX503A Android smartphone comes in only two colors: black and white. Unlike other common Chinese branded mobile devices, this ZTE advanced model is only available at several popular online China-based international stores. This gadget is offered at different prices at different Chinese shopping sites:

ZTE Nubia Z5S mini NX403A smartphone
Image courtesy of Pandawill.com

The upgraded version of ZTE Nubia Z5S, the ZTE Nubia Z5S mini NX403A smartphone has been launched into the market too. If you are considering purchasing a ZTE high-end mobile phone at a lower cost, the mini phone may suit your needs. Equipped with equally good features, the mini version has a 4.7-inch display screen and it is available at around $270 only. Click here to see more details about this model.

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