Apr 25

As the summer season approaches, women’s sun hats become a particularly essential item to shop. As summer is coming soon, the sunlight is turning stronger. Nowadays, sun hats not only can help women escape from strong sunlight, especially ultraviolet, but also are regarded as one of the popular fashion accessories. Here come some new styles of women’s sun hats for your choice.

Women’s Cowboy Hats

Wholesale Cowboy Hats
Perhaps, cool girls will prefer cowboy hats. Known as fashionable, casual and practical, cowboy hats are never outdated. Girls with long hair or short hair will both look good on this style. Moreover, some cowboy hats, made with forage, are of very good permeability, which can bring cool feeling on hot days.

Wide-brim Hats

Wholesale Wide Brim Hats

Generally, when someone goes on a trip, one principle of choosing a sun hat is that it should well protect women’s skin. Therefore, sun hats with a wide brim may be a good choice.

Embellished by flowers, butterfly tie or lace around the hat band, this hot style of sun hat is perfect to enhance girls’ princess temperament, which will draw more attention from passers.

Have you been noticing all the new and updated women’s sun hats that are designed better and better? Last month, when I went shopping online, I found the wide-brim hats for 2010 have so many colors and styles to choose from. First of all, color is also a very important consideration when choosing a sun hat. As far as I am concerned, for sun hats, light color will be a kind of very becoming color on girls. This summer, designers add more colors of flowers to wide-brim hats, making them look nature-like and unbelievably beautiful.

Additionally, the peak of wide-brim hats can be shaped like a lotus leaf and the curling selvedge makes the hat look more attractive than traditional hats, I think.

Empty Top Hats

Empty Top Hats
It seems that empty top hats are more casual, especially for sports occasion. The following style is very suitable for girls when they play badminton or tennis. The flower patterns around the hat band and caudal butterfly tie or flowers make the empty top hat flexible, yet no longer simple and monotonous. In the playground, this kind of hat can show girls’ beauty in a decent way. That’s why it becomes a best-seller hats wholesalers or retailers are grabbing for their inventories for the coming summer.

On DHgate.com, the famous China wholesale marketplace, you can find a lot more hot-selling sun hats available for the coming summer. Most are offered at a few dollars only, some low as around 1 USD and free shipping is extensively available for wholesale orders—normally, if your purchase order reaches or exceeds10 pieces, you will get the low wholesale price from DHgate suppliers. If you are interested in souring hats for your resell business, take a good look at the Wonen’s Sun Hats there.

The following are the similar wholesale websites where you may find even better deals on sun hats:



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