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Given the big name Lightinthebox has established in the global wholesale arena, we don’t think it necessary to introduce the background of Lightinthebox here. We have a lot of reviews about the great Beijing-based wholesale store on our website ChinaWholessaleReviews.com. If you are interested in learning more about it, read our Lightinthebox review.

OK, let’s be back to the topic: how is Lightinthebox’s wholesale swimwear then? To help our readers get a better understanding of the swimwear offered by Lightinthebox.com, we’ve done some research and below are some basic facts we’ve found about its swimwear.

  1. There are so far a total of 118 items of swimwear in its Water Sports category. There you can find both women’s swimwear and men’s swimwear, but the majority is women’s swimwear, just like some other wholesale stores offering swimwear.
  2. The swimwear there covers a wide range of styles from the classic to the wild, from the sexy to the ladylike, and from the complicated to the simple. There you can find the latest trends of swimwear. All look so fashionable and cute that when you see the swimwear, it’s hard to resist the temptation to buy some! In addition, the various gorgeous color options make the wholesale selection look so refreshing that you will want to wear them and go to the beach right away.
  3. The quality of the swimwear or swimsuits on Lightinthebox, comparatively speaking, is in a higher level. The swimwear there are made of better materials by better craftsmanship and the feedback from its buyers about its swimwear is overwhelmingly positive.
  4. Though Lightinthebox does not offer free shipping extensively, free shipping is available on almost all its swimwear. The average pricing seems a little bit higher compared with other swimwear wholesalers, mainly due to its superior quality.

Price range: $9.99 ~ $64.99
Category: women’s swimsuits, men’s swimwear
Free Shipping partially available

Wholesale Swimwear on Lightinthebox

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