Aug 18

As always, we work hard to dig out and share the latest info about the great deals offered by various China wholesale stores on our site. If you have a special favor for vintage jewelry, the on-going promotion on vintage art deco jewelry for sale online at is worth checking out. For those who run a business selling products such as costume jewelry, this promotion is particularly valuable with the wealth of amazing vintage style jewelry featured by art deco, low wholesale prices as well as deep discounts.

Wholesale Vintage Art Deco Jewelry is a China-based online wholesale shopping platform belonging to There you can trade with thousands of qualified Chinese suppliers under the protection of the platform. AliExpress launches promotions frequently on a variety of products offered by various sellers – the site organizes the promotions by selecting the best products from top suppliers with the aim to help buyers save even more.

The promotional vintage art deco jewelry for sale online on includes a wide range of turquoise medallions, cuff bracelets and knuckle rings. Each of the categories has a number of beautiful styles to choose from. Every piece of the on-sale jewelry there features a unique design with an artistic touch. Some of the jewelry products are made of 925 sterling silver, some are k gold, while the other are bronze. The embellishments for the jewelry, from crystal to citrine to diamond, are stunningly charming. Besides, the shapes of the discounted vintage art deco jewelry are adorable. There you can find triangle pendants with necklaces, drop pendants with necklaces, butterfly-shaped pendants and necklaces, heart-shaped pendants and necklaces, peacock-shaped cuff bracelets, 925 sterling silver spider-shaped rings, leopard-shaped double finger rings, hawk-shaped double finger rings and much more jewelry with a lovely shape.

The prices for the vintage art deco jewelry for sale online there are amazingly low, especially after discounts – as AliExpress is a wholesale marketplace, all products are offered at low wholesale prices, even when you place a retail order. Plus, you can get great discounts – up to 30% off. Whether you are a merchant looking for high-margin and cheap vintage jewelry for your business, or an individual consumer prowling for bewitching art deco jewelry to enhance your look, you would love the collection of the wholesale vintage art deco jewelry on promotion at AliExpress.

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