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As body art becomes increasingly popular among the young, the demand for wholesale tattoo supplies grows quickly in recent years. From tattoo kits to individual tattoo tools including tattoo machines, tattoo guns, tattoo stickers, tattoo needles and tips, tattoo power supply, tattoo removers and more, all kinds of tattoo supplies are widely sought-after by consumers and store owners all over the world.

In particular, China is absolutely the best option when it comes to shopping wholesale tattoo supplies given its competitive pricing advantage. Also, the completeness of sub-categories of tattoo supplies in China is unbeatable. Every year, a great number of merchants choose to source tattoo supplies from Chinese manufacturers. Some take advantage of various trade fairs to find best wholesale tattoo supplies, while some just simply click the mouse to dig out cheap tattoo supplies available online, which is definitely much more cost-saving.

As more and more China-based international online shopping websites emerge these years, shopping tattoo supplies online has become a dominating trend. Considering the potential risks about shopping direct from a foreign country without any face-to-face negotiation with suppliers, re-sellers or consumers should be cautious enough to select reliable suppliers for shopping tattoo supplies. Thus, a lot of homework should be done before you buy any tattoo product from a seller you never do any business with before. If you want to save time and energy, then you can refer to the following wholesale websites whose credibility has been well verified.

Wholesale Tattoo Supplies on
Regular readers may find that Lightinthebox is frequently mentioned on our site. We have to admit that among the wide array of Chinese online shops, Lightinthebox is one of the favorites in terms of company credibility, item quality and customer service. As a comprehensive online shopping website founded in 2006, the company has established a big name on the global market and built a huge customer base. Fashion and beauty products, electronics and cell phones are among the best-selling categories on

There you can find a huge selection of amazing tattoo supplies that can meet any needs from a tattoo re-seller or tattoo studio. There are 14 sub-categories under its Tattoos, Body Art category and anything about tattoo can be easily found, e.g. tattoo clothing. In addition, you can visit its exclusive zone for discounted tattoo kits to see if any great deal on tattoo kits is suitable for you. Each and every tattoo supplies, like everything else available on the website, has been double-checked for quality assurance before it’s shipped out to buyers. That is why complaints about its item quality are quite rare compared with its competitors. For more details about wholesale tattoo supplies on, click the following image to enter its Tattoo Supplies page.

Tattoo Supplies on Lightinthebox

Wholesale tattoo supplies on include: Discount Tattoo Kits, Top Selling Tattoos, Tattoo Kits, Tattoo Machines, Tattoo Needles and Tips, Tattoo Power Supply, Tattoo Ink, Tattoo Grips, Tattoo Machines Parts, Tattoo Transfer, Tattoo Remover, Body Piercing, Ultrasonic Cleaner and Tattoo Clothing.

Wholesale Tattoo Supplies on
AliExpress is a different type of wholesaler from Lightinthebox. It does not offer any items itself. Instead, it acts as a safe wholesale transaction platform connects thousands of qualified supplies and countless global buyers. In addition to providing a space for suppliers to list their items and trade with buyers, also supervises the whole transaction process between the supplier and the buyer. Likewise, it uses escrow service to ensure that the payment made by buyers are safe and will not be released to suppliers until the buyers confirm the receipt of the orders purchased.

The great thing about shopping from AliExpress, obviously, is that buyers have much more choices in terms of prices and suppliers. On its Body Art page, we found about 19,000 related products offered by a number of different suppliers. If you look closer, you will notice that some items are the same or look similar but have different price tags. It’s natural as these items are offered by different suppliers who can set the prices on their own free of any intervention from AliExpress. As a result, buyers can benefit from the competition among these suppliers and are able to enjoy the best prices. Of course, buyers should remember that pricing is never the only pointer for finding a wonderful tattoo precuts supplier. You need to take into consideration into other important details, including feedback score and membership tier of the supplier, quantity of the item sold, valued added services available (e.g. free shipping, free dropshipping, etc.) and more. For more details about wholesale tattoo supplies on, click the following image to take a deep look inside.

Tattoo Supplies on AliExpress

Wholesale tattoo supplies on include: Tattoo Machines (6885), Tattoo Guns (5824), Temporary Tattoos (4578), Tattoo Stickers (4570), Other Body Art (3230), Tattoo Kits (1437), Tattoo Grips (1361), Tattoo Needles (976), Tattoo Ink (633), Tattoo Tips (280), Airbrushes (177), Tattoo Stencils (152), Body Painting Supplies (29) and Face Painting (13).

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  1. saunterer @best tattoo power supply Says:

    Whenever you make your purchase of tattoo supplies, make sure it has a lot of different colors ink in it. This will allow you to experience different styles and different tattoos. There’s no doubt searching for a reputed wholesale supplier in your region is a difficult task, but internet and online search engine can be used to ease the task to a greater extent.

  2. best tattoo shop los angeles Says:

    Yeah China is best for tattoo products. Thanks for giving the info about and other sites relating to wholesale of tattoo supplies.

  3. Online Tattoo Wholesale Says:

    Most of the tattoo artists are now opting for online option for the purchse of tattooing kits and machines as it will provide them with the latest machines details with the best price. No doubt, China is a good supplier in asian market.

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