May 30

Nowadays, solar electronics like solar chargers seem in vogue. Solar chargers, solar flashlights, solar bicycle lights…so many solar gadgets, Yes! The whole world is seeking for more environment-friendly but also more user-friendly products to replace the traditional ones, which may change our life in a whole new way.

These days, when I surf the internet, I found Lightinthebox had launched various selections of solar chargers for this summer,all of which are of good quality and at the most reasonable prices.

According to some China wholesale electronics salesmen, this summer, electronics like mobile phones, laptops, cameras, MP3 players and MP4 players are in great need,as a result of the approaching of the summer vocations, especially the world Exposition 2010 in Shanghai. In particular, the following electronic products are also extremely hot.

Mobile Phone Solar Chargers
Do you still use the traditional charger? However, as a benefaction for our environment, certainly, from a practical standpoint, using solar chargers for mobile phones has become a universal trend. The solar charger is a device that can transform solar energy into electrical energy, and store it in a storage battery.

The following solar charger can adapt for different brands of cell phones—that’s why it’s so hot-selling. In addition, its solar-cell capacity can be over 1,000mAh, so you needn’t worry your mobile phone will run out of power suddenly.

Solar Chargers for Mobile Phones

Solar Chargers for Mobile Phones

Laptop Solar Charger Bags
With over 8,800mAh solar-cell capacity, this solar charger bag is a device a bit like mobile phone charger but for laptop computers, which can ensure your laptop computer never run out of power during your journey.
There are two types of laptop solar charger bags on,one is handheld, and the other is backpack.

Solar Chargers for Laptops 1

Solar Chargers for Laptops - Handheld

Solar Chargers for Laptops 2

Solar Chargers for Laptops - Backpack

Solar Chargers for More Electronics
Apart from the above, there is another kind of solar chargers, which can be used to charge mobile phones, digital cameras and MP3/MP4 players. Even more, it also includes charging adapter for major cell phone brands.

Solar Chargers for Electronics

Solar Chargers for Electronics

In a word, convenience and clean energy are the main attractions of solar electronics. Early when solar chargers appeared in the market, they were a little expensive, but now mobile phone solar chargers’ price is coming down to 30 dollars or so, and laptop solar chargers’ price is about 130 dollars.

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