Chinese Liberation Shoes “Ospop.” All the Rage in Europe, America and Japan

Following the big trend Feiyue shoes set in the global fashion industry, another style of Chinese old-fashion shoes becomes the focus of attention among fashionistas throughout Europe, America and Japan, the so-called “Chinese liberation shoes” (Jiefangxie in Chinese) or “Ospop.” (in the U.S.).

Chinese Liberation Shoes

In China, almost everyone knows Liberation shoes, which were originally a part of the first uniform of China’s People’s Liberation Army in 1950. For about 40 years, the Liberation shoes were absolutely the most trendy shoes among the Chinese people, from the old to the young and from adults to kids. Until in the 1990s, liberation shoes went out of fashion and only those with a low income such as building workers would like to wear the old-fashion footwear for hard labor work.

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Wardrobe Must-Haves That Set the Fall 2010 Trends

For many people, they won’t realize that the Fall 2010 has come until they happen to notice the new arrivals in the latest styles of the 2010 fall trends from the shop windows. Anyway, it’s now only at the beginning of the Fall 2010 season, and it’s still right time to refresh your wardrobe with some fall essentials.

Given the multitude of fashion supplies for Fall 2010, you may find it quite a headache to locate the ones that can make a statement of the new season as well as your unique taste. Though the latest fall styles showcased in the one-after-another runway shows seem just too far away for daily dressing, they do inspire the Fall 2010 trends that fit the ordinary. Below are some of the Fall 2010 must-haves that absolutely set the season’s top trends.

1. Cardigans

Knit Half Sleeves Cardigans

Cardigans tend to create a casual look for hanging out with friends or a weekend shopping. This 2010 Fall season, cardigans are still extremely popular like last year. From fashion stores online or offline, this year we see cardigans come in a variety of refreshing designs and colors. A sleek ripped cardigan paired with funky jeans can easily win you tons of compliments wherever you go, though they may not look so stunning as sexy little black dresses usually do.

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As a successful wholesaler of foreign trade, always keeps pace with the times; not only its business, but also self-improving to meet the higher requirements of consumers. upgraded its old website. Comparing with previous version, actually, there is a little change to the overall layout of the Home page. Also, people will find a fresh new display in the web page of each single product. Now, browsing, consumers will have a pleasant refreshing feeling.

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ePathchina Updated Cellphone Sub-Category

ePathchina updated cellphone sub-category makes it more convenient and efficient for you to hunt for your preferred cellular phone.

Following the updating of the web page, recently, adopts new action again. This time, refreshes the Cell Phones Wholesale sub-category.

Using the improved sub-category, consumers can not only browse a fire-new web page but also hunt a preferred cellular phone more convenient and efficient.

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Must-knows About Buying China Wholesale Clothing On The Internet

Online shopping has become a necessity for everyday life and buying clothing online is now very common, either for one’s business or one’s own wardrobe. Today countless store owners stock up clothing for their businesses direct from the China wholesale clothing market. But like other online shopping, to avoid unnecessary risks, before you place an order with a clothing wholesale supplier, you should know some basic knowledge about shopping clothing online from China.

Finding a reliable wholesale clothing marketplace or store should always come first. There are now thousands of big and small cross-border online websites offering clothing to global buyers. I would suggest you do some research on the internet before you stick to one or more clothing suppliers. For example, you can read some reviews written by some third parties or by those who have purchase experience with the websites you are interested in. It could be quite a time-consuming work, but you know, your dollars are always worth your efforts. If you don’t want to be ripped off by a scam clothing wholesaler, you gotta try your best.
Milanoo Wholesale Clothing

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DavisMicro Cell Phones Review: Two Classic Styles of DavisMicro Cell Phones

Two Classic Styles of DavisMicro Cell Phones

It can be concluded that easy-to-use and multi-functional are the two main features of DavisMicro cell phones as a whole. Besides, DavisMicro obviously takes advantage of its reasonable wholesale price and kind service, winning more and more cell phone buyers and its market share in the sphere of China wholesale cell phones is getting bigger and bigger.

For youngsters, their permanent pursuit for cell phone is more than a cell phone—what they want is high speed, strong functions, abundant entertainments, slim shape and so on. This segment of users may be impressed deeply by the following two kinds of new cell phones now available on

WiFi Cell Phones

WiFi is a wireless technology that can provide high speed network connectivity. Compared with the Bluetooth technology, WiFi covers larger regions and provides higher speed of connectivity. Therefore, nowadays WiFi cell phones become the new trend in the mobile communication field. Within the areas WIFI covers,users can surf the internet quickly, answer or dial the phone at anytime and anywhere, with no worry about the slow speed or high communication costs. Take the I9 3GS WiFi cell phone as an example: this WiFi functioned cell phone’s quad band is GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ so it is available in the regions where these four frequencies are supported.
DavisMicro WiFi Cell Phones

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