Sep 20

As a review website discussing about the Chinese international wholesale and retail market, we are posting our own reviews and opinions on various China-based online stores that target global buyers. At the same time, we are receiving comments related to different stores from real customers or other parties via the comment box or email. From what people say about their experience with the Chinese suppliers or marketplaces, we see many typical scam cases which are incurred out of the buyers’ unawareness of the risks or traps.

With the aim to help other buyers avoid such frustrating experience, we are trying to summarize the key points based on real customer reviews we collect from our site as well as other internet social forums or blogs. This post is intended to focus on sharing our suggestion on how to avoid being scammed by sellers at

For those who have no idea at all on the site, we think it necessary to give a brief introduction to it first. Belonging to, the first and the most famous (not one of the first) online wholesale transaction site, specializes in serving buyers and sellers who are small merchants and want to buy or sell products in small wholesale quantities (read: 1-10 pieces for a single order instead of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of pieces per order). They provide buyer payment protection service (they call it “escrow service”) to ensure the safety of trading between suppliers and buyers. That is, once you make a payment for an order you place with a seller there, the payment won’t go to the seller’s account directly. Instead, it is transferred to the site’s public account first. Then, after you confirm the transaction is successfully completed, the site releases the payment to the seller. Under this protection system, when a dispute is incurred, the website is able to control the situation by keeping the money until the problem is solved.

Aliexpress itself is definitely a legitimate website and few Chinese sites can compete them in terms of technology, capital power and customer base volume. However, the sellers there are uneven in quality and credibility. Some are superior but some are very poor in service standards. Although Aliexpress verify the qualifications of each supplier during the membership registering process, some scammers may successful go through their investigation by providing false company information and certificates. Anyway, if you grasp the general knowledge or the common senses about how to keep yourself safe from such bad sellers, you won’t fall victim to any scam cases there.

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