Jun 17

International Express Shipping Methods

The best thing of scooping up the holiday deals from Chinese stores is: you can always get the best stuff at the lowest prices. However, the time frame for international shipping may be a big concern for you, especially if you start the shopping only days ahead of the important holiday day or event. Don’t worry. The stores have their own ways to ensure that the holiday gifts or supplies you order with them will arrive in time. All you need to do is to read the product descriptions with shipping info carefully or to confirm with the service people on the time frame of the delivery.

Shipping from Western Local Warehouses

Many Chinese retail stores have warehouses based in Hong Kong, the UK or the USA. Generally, they choose to pre-stock some suitable products in the overseas warehouses to prepare for the grand promotions targeting a particular holiday or event. That way they can ensure that even when the holiday or event is just a few days left, local shoppers are able to get the deals on the gifts in time. Generally, their holiday deals will be closed by the deadline so that they have enough time for delivery.

Shipping from Mainland China

Meanwhile, even if the Chinese sellers have to ship the orders to you from the mainland China, shipping time won’t be a problem as long as you choose an expedite shipping method such as DHL and UPS. It will take only 2-5 business days for the package to arrive at your doorstep from China! The shipping cost? Every shipping option is indicated clearly with an exact amount of shipping fee so you don’t have to worry about bearing any extra costs. Besides, the Chinese stores usually would offer a great discount for the express shipping and the cost won’t be huge. You will always find that even plus the expedite shipping cost, the total price of the gift you want is much lower than that a local store offers. Actually, for special day or event-related sales, Chinese stores would ship your orders by expedite shipping for free, especially when the time is very limited. It is one of the most common marketing strategies they use. Just check out the shipping time and shipping cost – free shipping is usually honored though.

Standard International Shipping from China

Unlike the typical Chinese online retailers like Lightinthebox.com, Milanoo.com or Focalrprice.com, wholesale shopping websites such as Aliexpress.com launch holiday or event-themed sales much earlier and they tend to use a standard shipping carrier to minimize the cost. You know, store owners or re-sellers are their target customers and they need to stock up on products for a particular holiday or event as early as possible in order to get well prepared for the holiday business. What is more importantly: they need the best-margin products to earn big money. Usually, for standard shipping, it takes 10-25 business days for an order to arrive at most destinations around the world from mainland China.

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