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Some people are complaining either on forums or blog comments that is a scam, and as a webmaster of, I’ve made careful research on these complaints trying to find some useful information for our readers. So far, to my best knowledge, I find that these scam complaints can be summarized as three major types:

  • Complaints about Lightinthebox customer service: slow response, unprofessional service representative, inefficient live chat system, etc;
  • Complaints about Lightinthebox products: poor quality, not completely as described, weak after-sales technical support, etc;
  • Complaints about Lightinthebox shipping service: not as fast as advertised, etc.

However, interesting enough,  if you read carefully any of  the above complaints against LightInTheBox, you will see a lot more thumb-up comments, who claimed they had bought some item from and are very satisfactory with their purchase with LightInTheBox in terms of item quality, customer service, shipping speed, after-sales support, or any other aspect.

Besides, as I’ve learnt from McAfee, the authoritative organization providing certification service on the security of websites, LightInTheBox is undergoing their intensive, daily security scan. As we can see, many famous online stores in America have also been being certified by McAfee. Under this protection, you won’t encounter any dangerous sites, phishing, and other online dangers when shopping on LightInTheBox.

So my conclusion is, like many other online stores, LightInTheBox may still have many improvements to make, but it is definitely not a scam website. To learn more about LightInTheBox, read our review about Light In The Box online store or visit bridesmaid promotion

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  1. Lia Hoffmann Says:

    Over a week ago I contacted a “light in the box” online representative. He was totally incompetent to the point that he finally transferred me to ” Brenda”. My question was very simple, I wanted to know about a particular fur and about its true color.”Brenda” then put me on hold for at least 10 minutes and it took me another half hour to make her understand my very simple question. Then she promised she will get back to me promptly. When I inquired what did she exactly mean by “very shortly”, she said 3-4 days maximum. That was in the beginning of November, I believe on the 5th and now it is the 27th.She did not asked my email address nor phone number what would have been a clear indication that she means business. I guess ” light in the box” does not care if a sale is finalized.

  2. Lia Hoffmann Says:

    Over a couple of weeks ago I contacted a “light in the box” online representative. He was totally incompetent to the point that he finally transferred me to ” Brenda”. My question was very simple, I wanted to know about a particular fur and about its true color.”Brenda” then put me on hold for at least 10 minutes and it took me another half hour to make her understand my very simple question. Then she promised she will get back to me promptly. When I inquired what did she exactly mean by “very shortly”, she said 3-4 days maximum. That was in the beginning of November, I believe on the 5th and now it is the 27th.She did not asked my email address nor phone number what would have been a clear indication that she means business. I guess ” light in the box” does not care if a sale is finalized.

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  3. sheryl page Says:

    i ordered a phone at lightinthebox about last month, it came with delay and some slight defect. i was not satisfied so i tried ordering a mp4 at Chinabuye, and it came on time and product was in good condition. two thumbs up.

  4. Ernest Salley Says:

    Light in the box is, as far as I am concerned, a scam.

    I bought a phone from them and it did not work as described. Battery life was less than 6 hours and the touch screen had “dead” areas.

    They told me that if the phone was not acceptable to send it back to them and they would credit me a purchase price plus the return postage.

    I sent the phone in and they sent the same phone (I marked it) back to me with the same defects.

    After exchanging several Emails with them trying to resolve the problem, they notified me that “to enable them to serve me better, they would no longer accept Emails from me”.

  5. Admin Says:

    Hi,Ernest Salley

    Sorry to hear that you got an unpleasant experience with We’ve forwarded your problem to the Customer Service Department of Lightinthebox. We’ve been doing research on the shopping website for years and believe that the company will take care of your problem seriously.

  6. Ginger Haring Says:

    As far as I am concerned lightinthebox site is a scam.
    I ordered a watch for my son and while it is as described, when we got the phone it is a lot larger than what he thought it was going to be. So when I asked for a return on the product I got an e-mail asking me why I wanted to return it. Definitely not a satisfaction guaranteed site.
    When I get the e-mail telling me that I can return the product, I am told that they will charge me 15% of my purchase price and I have to pay to ship the product back. I recently returned an ipod to apple and they refunded me 100% AND paid my shipping. Needless to say I will NEVER buy again from this company and I will post everywhere I can think of and tell everyone I know of not to buy from this company. BIG RIPOFF!!!!

  7. Sam Says:

    Light in the box is only a scam if your to dumb to knoe what your buying. I buy from them cuz they have knock off phones that does everything the real thing does for less. I get great girfts for family and friends through them. Yeah there not brand name but there great quality and last a long time. They havent done anything wrong. They show you in plain picture that its not the real thing sold at stores. How many I phones do you knoe is dual sim card dummys common read the details. They sell quality knock off products for less. If you want the real thing go to the store and spend more money for a brand name label that coast you etra remeber foaks when you buy brand name you pay for the name of the product.

  8. Roche Says:

    I ordered my bridesmaid dresses with short notice from The service was exceptional and the quality was better that I expected! The dresses was not expensive and shipping fee only $12 from China!!!! (and that was overnight delivery) Will definately buy from them again!

  9. Don J Says:

    I bought 2 Mp3 players. First two were bad. They replaced them fast. The new ones are fine.
    These Mp3 players cost $40-$50 , I got them for $6.00 each !!. Shipping was what I expected for coming that far.

  10. Paul Says:

    I ordered some Christmas gifts from They were very low quality, and didn’t arrive until Jan 5th even though we paid allot of money for expedited shipping. This is something that one might expect; its the gamble you take when ordering online from an unknown seller.

    But what REALLY bothered me was the fact that we paid extra for each of the gifts to be wrapped. And they arrived unwrapped with a small folded sheet of birthday wrapping paper which was insufficient to cover the items ordered. I think that it bothered me the most because this was a new rip off I never saw coming. I could have easily bought a whole role of quality wrapping paper and tape for each gift at that price. What we were paying for, I thought, was the reduced stress of having one less gift that needed to be wrapped.

  11. Tony Trenton Says:

    I have bought the HD DVR watch.and it is great for what it is.

    Their delivery was great.

    Very happy

    Tony Trenton

  12. dk_retail Says:

    THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!!!! I’m not trying to ruin the company’s reputation. I ordered video games accessories for retail. Total amount – USD302.26! I made payment on the 1st Jan 2010, till now i have not receive anything and its FEBRUARY 12th 2011!!!!! Despite sending a receipt of my wire transfer payment, they still denied that i have made payment! At first, the customer service told me that they will process it right away and they verified my payment. After i got back with them after a month, they told me payment’s not made. What is this!????! 100% fraud. Guys there are lots of wholesale companies out there. PLEASE if possible,do yourself a favour.. don’t get con by this guys. they are good.

  13. Roxanne D Says:

    I ordered a wrap for my maid of honor and expected it to arrive in 6 – 9 business days because I paid for expedited shipping ($11.34). When it didn’t arrive by the 10th day I tracked my order and was informed that it would arrive a MONTH after I ordered it. I immediately cancelled the order because my wedding will be long over 10 days prior to the scheduled shipping date. I think this is incredibly bad customer service and will consider this company a SCAM if I have any difficulty getting my payment refunded.

  14. Alex Says:

    I have ordered an item nearly a month ago and it just sat there with “processing” when I contacted them about it I got an auto response saying that they were waiting for confirmation of payment. I checked with paypal and payment had gone through fine the day I ordered the item.

    I have contacted them again and now they are trying to tell me that my Paypal is not address verified and that they want to see a copy of the credit card I used to make the payment!!!!

    What a load of BS, I use my paypal all the time and clearly this is just a delay tactic, probably because they do not have the item I ordered in stock.

    They tell lies and can’t be trusted, I will never use them again.

  15. Sam Says:

    i bought a smartphone from the store. It’s been two months and so far it has been working normally. Before i placed my first order there, i’d already known we couldn’t expect high quality products from Chinese stores. But i’m quite satisfied with the phone i got from lightinthebox in terms of quality, price and delivery speed.

  16. Tony Says:

    I bought a cell phone GPS blocker and it took forever to get it and all of the parts were not there and it is poor quality

  17. LightInTheBox Says:

    Dear Customers,

    On behalf of, I would like to apologize for whatever inconvenience you have experienced while shopping with us. We are continuously working on improving our products and service, so we very much value your feedback.

    I would like to invite all customers with pending issues to please post your order number in your comments, this way we can investigate your case and contact you directly.

    Otherwise, you can always contact our Customer Service team. They will do their best to offer the most suitable solution to your problem. You simply need to log into your account and submit a ticket.

    Please follow this link to read more about how to contact Customer Service:

    Our Customer Service team will promptly reply to your inquiry, and should you need more help, you can submit a reply to Customer Service under their answer to the ticket in question. Thank you for your patience.


  18. Tia Says:

    My daughter’s dress arrived late and the return process is awful. They kept sending me e-mails to respond within 48 hours, but there system had a glitch that did not get my response and continuously closed my ticket. I’m certain my daughter will never order from them again.

  19. grace Says:

    I an a chinese, so I didn’t bought an things, but as far as I know , Lightinthebox is one of the most famous foreign trade websites , Perhaps it have many improvements to make, but it is definitely not a scam website.

  20. Gracie Says:

    Well okay I’m sold let me roll the dice and GIVE away my money…….Woooooo-hoooooo! Really people…….out of 20 websites……only one singing praises about this Scampany…..LITB Payroll much there dude? Yeah whatever….

  21. Pete Says:

    I ordered curtains costing £86.25, as did a friend. We were then told that they would not arrive for almost a month (after having paid for them) . We both cancelled, separately, and were told that only a 50% refund could be made. Beware this company – customer service is impossible to contact and they are clearly flaunting online trading regulations. We are currently advising out UK credit card companies of our experiences and they are investigating.
    This company adopts sharp practices and is evasive and less than transparent in its dealings. AVOID AT ALL COSTS AND WARN ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS.

  22. ComeOn Says:

    It for sure a scam! You will receive something you ordered but with the poorest quality ever, when you contact the customers service, they will find thousands of excuses to refuse returning, and you will never have you money back! It’s a fraud!

  23. Ramtin Says:

    It is a scam for sure. I promise if you buy something you will get problem. Never buy from them

  24. Admin Says:

    So what happens to your shopping with Sorry we have to ask this question in case some rivals of a shopping site post fake reviews to defame a good company. Details will help other buyers learn the real facts and thus stay away from scams or rip-offs.

  25. juan_juan Says:

    DO NOT BUY!!!!

  26. Nicholas De La Haye Says:

    Its a scam website that collects your identity and credit/debit card information for possible identity theft. I purchased some products and paid by PayPal, They received the payment, but wanted “Payment verification”. They wanted my passport, Driving license, Credit card, Debit card information before they would send me my order! None of which was used in the payment transaction of the order, so it would be impossible for them to verify anything.

    Be warned, never send photos of credit/debt cards or your passport or driving license to an online shop! If the banks own verification is not good enough then it a scam to collect your identity! Perhaps they make a sideline profit and sell your identity and cards in china!

  27. Admin Says:


    As a review website, we have seen quite a lot of complaints similar to yours. Based on our knowledge, most legit Chinese sites would require you to provide the information in order to verify the authenticity of the card owner. They are doing so only when they believe that the payment could be related to credit card fraud.Usually, payments from ‘highly risky countries or regions’ (they all have a list of such places) are more likely to be further investigated during the payment verification process.

    It is not fair to say is a scam simply because they require you to do so. If you don’t think it acceptable, then shift to another Chinese shopping site. You may face the same situation, honestly. is one of the best international online retailers based in China and the company was just listed in NYSE in June, 2013. How could a scam company be listed in the famous stock exchange market?

  28. Dahlia Seymour Says:

    I purchased a gown to wear to wedding in May. when it arrived it was a very small size 14. I paid $179. I tried every possible way to try to reach out to someone in the Light In the Box company, but was unable to do so. I sent an email and was given a return code, but never how to do so. I eventually paid about $70 to return it to the name on the package from where it came. I sent a letter asking them to send me a size 16. their sizes seem run very small. to date no refund or response. My advise to anyone looking at their site is not to buy from this company. there’s is no customer service. its big scam

  29. Dahlia Seymour Says:

    do not by anything from this company. lots of problem getting refund

  30. grice Says:

    My last experience just stopped me from purchasing again from this scam artist. I got to try Abbydress instead.

  31. Gloria Says:

    This is my experience with this company. Purchased several items had to return some for size. Site is setup for selling not for returns. I have gone around and around with this so called customer service that they say is so great and have gotten no where. I returned the merchandise which they now say they have not received. I’m out $44 and there seems to be no resolution. I would not recommend anyone shopping there.
    This is what I received from them after filing my review with

    Dear Customer,

    This is Shirley from Thank you for sharing your shopping experience with us!

    As you know, customer satisfaction is our NO.1 priority, and we give you our most sincere apologies for not meeting your expectations while shopping online. If you could kindly remove your complaint on Resellerratings regarding, we would like to offer you a full refund for your order. To proceed with this refund, please send us your order number, the email address that was used while shopping on our website, as well as your PayPal account information. After the information is confirmed, we will then issue the refund as soon as possible!

    Kind regards,

    After sending them the information asked for this was their reply:

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We have checked the status of your order but unfortunately we have yet to receive your return parcel at the time.

    In this case, could you please send us a clear copy of your return receipt and inform us the tracking number # (Customs form #) of your return parcel? So that we can track the status of the returned package.

    As soon as we confirm that the parcel is being returned back to us, we will handle with your request as soon as possible.

    We do thank you for your cooperation in advance.

    We are looking forward to your reply.

    LightInTheBox Customer Service

  32. leona Says:

    Dear all,
    I have already more than 20 orders with LITB, usually dresses. It happened only once when an order didn’t arrive and I got full reimbursement instantly. One time happened an evening dress was a way to big although the ordered size ordered. They paid for tailoring. I have great experience with them. If anyone is interested, I have pictures for almost all I bought and also left reviews with pictures on the website. My experience with them is great! and I am not a paid review writer. anyone who is interested, I can send pictures

  33. Kim Says:

    Was a little disappointed…ordered clothes that were way too small, even though the same size I ordered ALWAYS fits when I order them from other companies.

  34. Lily Says:

    I ordered my wedding dress, garter and tiara through them, they were recommended from my best friend who knew others that had ordered wedding items from them. Everything came in a timely manner without any problems. My dress was beautiful, had no damage and was tailored perfectly. I was, of course, a little hesitant at first but I took the plunge and had no issues.

  35. FashionCraze Says:

    This website is legit and absolutely not a scam. I will say that if you want to purchase from this website buy at your own risk because there is a chance you may/will get a defected item. I ordered clothes so I cannot comment on any other categories such as electronics or accessories, but I will say that I was not fully satisfied with the items sent. The reasons I was not satisfied with the items were that some clothing sizes were not true to size, the coloring was not as seen in the photograph (e.g. I ordered a “wine” colored shirt, but the shirt came as a bright red color which is nowhere close to “wine”), and the sewing was bad and crooked. This website produces clothes quickly so there are bound to be some flaws, which is why I say buy at your own risk. If you are lucky you might get good and high quality merchandises, but if you are unlucky you will get bad and low quality merchandises. As for my recent purchase, I was lucky enough to get okay quality merchandises, so I did not make such a big deal, but Lightinthebox did not leave me with such a first good impression (e.g an impression that makes me wanna order again from them, instead I am skeptical about how my next item may come looking like). This company could definitely improve more as far as sewing accuracy and sizing of the clothes. I might buy from this website again, but I will only buy if I cannot find the item anywhere else and will hope for the best.

  36. Brian Says:

    I ordered a fishing line at a cost of £13 with shipping. It didn’t arrive in the time they said and then I had the money put back in my account.
    When I checked my account on their website they wanted me to photo copy my credit card and passport or other id. and send to them.
    I wouldn’t do this or as an ex police officer suggest anyone does this. I cant see what it proves having my photo. What they are asking for is all the details to allow someone to commit identity fraud.
    Wont use this lot again.

  37. Sue Says:

    I purchased two pairs of curtains from LightintheBox about 2 month ago. Have to say I have no complaints with the quality of the curtains (which is excellent) they are well-made and fit my windows perfectly. The only issue for me was that buyers should be aware that you have to pay Customs, which isn’t detailed on the site – I knew I had to pay Customs before I ordered because I trade with a wholesaler in China – but I think customers should be told as it can make a big difference to the cost.

    Based on my experience, this is not a scam! I ordered something on the same day from a UK company and my curtains from China arrived before the UK order!

  38. jb Says:

    i purchased an item supposedly a gift to my boss on his birthday. they posted on the ad that the item will be received in 3-5 days. i paid an extra dollars for the postage. ive waited until the day of my boss’ birthday no item has arrived. i contacted one of their representatives. bullshit i got no proper assistance. i requested to cancel the transaction and they cancelled it. i requested for a refund. the next day i got an email that they already processed my refund. until now its been more than two weeks i havent receive my refund. they always told me to file ticket. i filed lots of tickets. they just marked it resolved… so guys lets help each other by posting on websites not to purchase any item from lightinthebox. because the truth is it is DARKINTHEBOX. who ever is the owner of the site FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR ASS AND FUCK OFF. anyway my video to be posted on youtube is on process. i will post it. by the way i purchase the same item from EBAY in 3 days i got it and because i have to cancel the other item i receive my refund in 5 days… what a thumbs up for EBAY

  39. Maroo Says:

    LITB is definitely a problematic company. if you audit carefully, you pay more that the actual price of items per order. In terms of shipping, they pass 1 and fail the other. You pay for expedited shipping, they use super saver…
    for payment methods, if your country is not eligible to use any other method apart from wire transfer, they overcoat the total cost; as in the system cost shows lees that what they ask you to pay….. I will definitely not advice people to continue buying from this online store.

  40. Diane Says:

    Ordered a Mother of the Groom dress, it was too small. They first told me that I couldn’t return it but then I pointed out that it said it stated it was returnable. So they said it was ok, now after 3 months the dress has disappeared!!! They will not credit my $130.00 until the dress is located. IT’S A SCAM, RUN DON’T WALK! NEVER NEVER EVER PURCHASE FROM THEM!!! BLOCK THEM!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND MIND….

  41. Marco Says:

    The site might not be a scam. But they are definitely not to be trusted. In cancelled my order before it was sent and then they send it anyway and are now telling me: “it will probably best to keep it as sending it back would cost more money”. Sure it will, that’s why I cancelled it before it was shipped out. The tracking number is useless and subsystems like Paypal show it has not been sent yet.
    And for what it is worth: A site without virusses does not automatically lead to a good webshop. So the conclusion in the article is rather odd. Even if they do ship out goods, it doesn’t mean anything if those goods are below (reasonable) expectations and if their service is bad, it only means: don’t buy there!

  42. Judy Says:

    I have tried numerous times to get in touch with light in the box. Their websites says I have no orders. I paid through paypal. I would just like the status to my order, 1410191609619883.

  43. Kamlesh Dave Says:

    Do anone has phone/fax and address for
    Please feel free to publish and what should be the normal live chat wait time.

  44. Teresa L Says:

    Light in box ripped me off. I ordered on Nov 21 free shipping until Nov 23 and my order was suppose to be $27.00 they charged me $42.99. It clears my bank and they sent me a confirmation email telling me money cleared and my order would ship in 3-5 business days. I then get an email telling me I need to pay another $42.99 or my order wont ship
    I get another one this time telling me to pay $43.79 or order won’t ship. Last night I get another one saying to pay $57.29. Each one they send me has a date of order on there. Last nights email said I ordered yesterday and one before that said I ordered on Nov 24. I ordered only one time on Nov 21. They wont send me my order until I pay again. Bullshit!! I filed complaint with Federal Trade Commission,FBI fraud unit and I got an attorney. They already took my money. This company is a scam. If anyone has an actual number to contact them and you actually talked to someone then please post it here. I want to see this company close and these scam artists behind bars. According to FTC there have been numerous scams from this company. I also notified my news station here as well. I am spreading word everywhere that this company is a fraud so no one else orders and gets ripped off. Please post number. I have about 8 tickets that I emailed them and they always come back saying same thing. Here is my order number light in the box. Prove to me your it a fraud and send me what I ordered. 1411210010187003 if you don’t call me and send me my order I will know your a scam and I will continue filing my lawsuit against your company.

  45. Jennifer Says:

    I ordered a smart watch on December 19th, it was shipped expedited and I was able to follow tracking the entire time. The watch arrived and was amazing, however my husband received another one an I have chosen to return this one. I was issued a return label within the promised 24hours and I am returning it through UPS today. I will keep you posted as to how that credit goes…As far as quality, ease of ordering and so far the return process I am very hopeful to receive my credit and make future purchases with this company. Fingers crossed. But in all honesty I never make an online purchase that 1) I would be devastated if it didn’t arrive or 2) I’m not fully prepared to lose $$ because I’ve even been disappointed with sellers on Amazon, ebay and Zulily as well.

  46. Laurie Says:

    I just recently ordered a cocktail dress for a wedding next month. I was nervous about buying anything from that far away (China) and wondered if the quality and fit would be acceptable. The sizes do run smaller than those of US so I ordered the next larger size.
    To my surprise, I received it within the allotted time they had said (it was a special ‘made to order’ dress). I was able to track the DHL shipment from the time it left their factory, through all the customs checkpoints and finally to the US.
    I also was SO EXCITED to find that it not only fit perfectly but I look damn hot in it too!
    The quality was outstanding, the zipper is very sturdy, the boning is nicely flattering, and the material made of Chiffon is light and airy.
    Thanks LightInTheBox for making me look like a queen! I will definitely be returning soon.

  47. Ethelred Says:

    I placed an order for a security camera in November 2014. It took a few days before I received a shipping notification and tracking details. Every week or two I checked that website, but saw nothing beyond the “fact” that the camera had been shipped. I allowed for delays due to the holiday period, but when I still hadn’t received it six weeks later, I raised a ticket (which wasn’t as easy as I thought it should be). I received a reply that seemed a little like a form letter:

    Dear Customer,

    We are sorry for the delay of your package and all the inconvenience caused. The shipping company informed us that you would receive the package within 10 days.

    We wonder whether you’d like to keep the order. As a compensation for late delivery, we would like to refund you the shipping cost or provide a same value coupon for you if you’d keep this order. Please contact us after you receive the order.

    If you still don’t receive the package after 10 days, please contact us again and we’d like to reship the order with Trackable Airmail Service since your original package might be held by customs or lost in transit.

    Sorry again for the delay and all the inconvenience caused. We hope you can receive the order very soon.

    LightInTheBox Customer Service

    After receiving this response, the ticket was closed. When I still didn’t receive the order I raised another ticket. And within an hour I received EXACTLY the same response. So I can only assume that it is a computer generated response and there is actually no “Customer Service” looking at the issues. I posted a response asking for proof that there was actually a human responding to my query, but so far I haven’t received anything. So at this stage, I think I have been duped.

  48. Ibrahim Omar Says:

    I purchsed from lightinthebox and some problems occured to me.
    late in shipping date due to high demand on my order, they give me 10$ coupon code.
    some orders didn’t reach to me, they refund my order which it doesn’t become availble and reship other order again with registered email.
    I received one order from LightInTheBox contain 6 items one item was very bad quality but it’s low price and other 5 items were very good quality and more than I expected.

    My experience with LightInTheBox was very good and I hope continue as that.
    I love LightInTheBox

  49. Jessica M Says:

    Just recently ordered from LITB. The order was over $150. The item I ordered was to be shipped within 24 hours. I paid for the expedited 3-5 day shipping. In a little under 24 hours, I received e-mail saying the item had shipped and was given tracking information. 3 days later, the tracking status had not changed from “Shipment Information Received”. I contacted LITB customer service by opening a ticket through the customs channel.. seriously there is no other way to actually speak to a customer service representative than to ask about customs fees. I was sent a response that my package had been shipped, was given the same tracking information, and informed that it generally takes 7 days to deliver – even with expedited shipping. 5 days later I check tracking – same “Shipment Information Received” status. I contacted LITB through my ticket again -which has now been listed as “resolved” by them- and again was informed that my item had shipped and in 3 to 5 business days my order will arrive. I brought up that the tracking information had not changed in 5 days, they simply responded that it takes a while to update.

    I call DHL and ask them to track my package for me.
    They tell me that LITB has not set up a pick-up date for that package, and that DHL does not have it. My package hasn’t been shipped yet. LITB has created a label for it and that is it. I’ve sent customer service another ticket with this information, and asking to know when they are going to ship the package I paid for, and why they lied to me about it’s shipping status. No response.

    I placed my order through PayPal. I will be filing a complaint and asking for a complete and full refund.

  50. kfde Says: is a total scam.
    They will take your money and not ship.
    Then, there is no way to contact them.

    Been scammed?

    Send complaints to their hosting service:

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