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Some people are complaining either on forums or blog comments that is a scam, and as a webmaster of, I’ve made careful research on these complaints trying to find some useful information for our readers. So far, to my best knowledge, I find that these scam complaints can be summarized as three major types:

  • Complaints about Lightinthebox customer service: slow response, unprofessional service representative, inefficient live chat system, etc;
  • Complaints about Lightinthebox products: poor quality, not completely as described, weak after-sales technical support, etc;
  • Complaints about Lightinthebox shipping service: not as fast as advertised, etc.

However, interesting enough,  if you read carefully any of  the above complaints against LightInTheBox, you will see a lot more thumb-up comments, who claimed they had bought some item from and are very satisfactory with their purchase with LightInTheBox in terms of item quality, customer service, shipping speed, after-sales support, or any other aspect.

Besides, as I’ve learnt from McAfee, the authoritative organization providing certification service on the security of websites, LightInTheBox is undergoing their intensive, daily security scan. As we can see, many famous online stores in America have also been being certified by McAfee. Under this protection, you won’t encounter any dangerous sites, phishing, and other online dangers when shopping on LightInTheBox.

So my conclusion is, like many other online stores, LightInTheBox may still have many improvements to make, but it is definitely not a scam website. To learn more about LightInTheBox, read our review about Light In The Box online store or visit bridesmaid promotion

105 Responses to “Is LightInTheBox A Scam?”

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  1. Dev Says:

    Order No: 1801130327427431
    Paid with insurance on 13th January 2018
    Not received till 5th May 2018
    All you can do is raise tickets, bots will send a reply telling you to be patient and wait 60 days and after 60 days raise another ticket to get the same reply be patient and wait 60 days. This is a scam, don’t believe the positive reviews they are sent by the same scammers to lure fools like me.

  2. Kalcheva Says:

    Order number: 1709040824949361
    Be careful! Scam!!!
    I ordered a skirt for dancing, it never arrived, so I claimed a refund. It took forever to get this done and they did not reimburse me the whole amount. Instead they subtracted the shipping fee twice and then reimbursed the rest. Very rude contact and not sufficiently closed the case. Never again!!!!

  3. Kiya Says:

    I NEVER received my order. When asking for a refund, customer support only says: “It’s on its way, just keep waiting some more things usually arrive within 20, 45 or 90 days” (we’re almost 3 MONTHS after order now!) and closes the ticket as “resolved”. I ordered because the website said shipping within 2-3 DAYS – not MONTHS! This is not customer SUPPORT but customer FOOLING.

    Still no product, no refund, no support. The complaint button to have this issue checked by a supervisor only goes to an “Access denied” page. Very convenient business politics – they make the customer FEEL as if they can complain but at the same time make sure they never actually RECEIVE any complaints!

    All I get is SPAM emails although I never subscribed to a newsletter but UNsubscribed already multiple times but keep getting their SPAM.

    Be wise – DO NOT order from LightInTheBox – they are SCAMMERS!!!

  4. Henry Yancey Says:

    I ordered a Marie Antoinette dress and it arrived in a much smaller size than I had ordered. So, I followed the directions for the return policy and shipped the dress (unused) in the original packaging to the Nevada shipping center – with the RMA number and order number shown on the outside of the package. I never heard back from this company. The order exceeded 100 dollars, so I made arrangements to secure blockage of the charges. This was an extremely hassle-abundant and unpleasant experience. The customer communications are completely lacking.

  5. Vera Says:

    I asked my dad to order a cosplay costume because I had been searching for one and one youtuber said they had the costume from lightinthebox. Of course, it was reduced by some crazy amount (sth like 25 dollars and was 87). A year later the item has still not arrived. It has been a whole year. Refund was not given, and when I looked at the website the “original price” for the costume is now almost double and they always have these crazy sales that no actual reputable company makes… I mean how can they make any profit if every email I get from them is announcing either a sale or a “clean-out”

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