Doogee: A Miracle on the Chinese Foreign Trade Market of Made-in-China Mobile Phones

Doogee is a Chinese mobile phone brand created in March, 2013. As the third biggest self-owned brand of Shenzhen KVD Communication Equipment International Group Limited, Doogee quickly built its name on the global mobile market through online trading channels such as In only half a year, the Chinese brand has seized a significant share of the whole China export volume of cell phones and now it is definitely one of the most widely sought-after Chinese cell phone brands among international consumers.

Doogee DG2014 Android Smartphone at Banggood
Doogee DG2014 at Banggood

Since its inception, Doogee has released a number of models empowered by different standards of features to suit the various needs of users. Currently, the top-rated Android Doogee cell phones include DG650S, DG800, DG550, DG500C, DG350, DG2014 and more. The major differences among the various Doogee smartphones lie in the size of the touch screen, the pixels of the display, the thickness of the body, the CPU standard, the internal storage volume as well as the extended storage limit and the battery volume. Accordingly, the prices differ from each other with different specifications. So when you select a Doogee smartphone, do remember to check out whether the main features of a certain model fits your needs, not just considering the pricing.

The Doogee cell phones are extensively available on the Internet. As long as you use a trusted China-based online store where the Chinese branded cell phones are offered, the purchase can be finished in just a few minutes. Note that different Chinese online shops use different shipping methods for the delivery and shipping costs and shipping time may vary as a result. Based on my findings, many professional electronic gadget stores offer free shipping service on Doogee mobile phones while the shipping time they promise can be slightly or significantly different. So just pay close attention to the shipping policy part of the product description and make sure you are Okay with the time required for the shipping.

According to my research, the Doogee smartphones and accessories are being on hot sale at the following legitimate Chinese shopping sites:

Doogee DG500C Android Smartphone at Focalprice
Doogee DG500C at Focalprice

4 thoughts on “Doogee: A Miracle on the Chinese Foreign Trade Market of Made-in-China Mobile Phones”

  1. I bought a doogee t5 from AliExpress from the doogee store..suppose to be unlocked and was not, contacted them and they would not fix..I tried all doogee sites repairs, buting products, etc..and no answer from them also tried their Facebook following , no answer..I woul like a unlock code so I may use the phone, I have had the phone almost a year..not a bad phone but nobody to talk to about the phone anywhere I have found..but I guess if I go to China it will work anywhere there..and chances of me going there is like if I can sprout wings…lol anybody with better luck I would sure appreciate the help..

  2. I recently naught a doogee mobile phone the x5 max pro it had a chipped screen and hair under screen I then changed it for the y6 only to have issues with it the lady got sacked and the new customer services rep took me off amazon recommended emails and spoke on Facebook for 6 hours going round in circles to only get told to buy another doogee I’m disabled and rely on my mobile to get help or ambulance or carer all ov which I can’t do because ov the poor to non existence customer services I defiantly got shoddily treated and they point blank refused to help noting everything

  3. This company produces okay phones if you can trust their marketing. I live it the US and was totally scammed they sold me a phone that they lead me to believe was a 4G or 4G+ phone in all countries. What they failed to mention was that that is in fact false. Their phones don’t work in the US at a 4G level. They work at a 2G level. Most carriers in the US won’t except 2G unlocked phones. So I got screwed over, the worst part is when I contacted costumer service, they could barely compose an understandable email in English, even though I contacted the US representative, and they won’t do anything to replace the phone they directed me to buy. They want me to buy a new phone at full price from them when the model that works in the US comes out. Unless they give me a super great deal I won’t ever be using tech from them again.

  4. They’d be great if you could find tempered glass screen protectors specifically designed for the HomTom HT5 and Titan2DG700 and not just generic the whole top is gone junk

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