Nov 10 has recently added a new search option into the search preferences area: Rock-Bottom Specials. If you want to find out the lowest priced deals under certain category or on any item, tick off the “Rock-Bottom Specials” link on any item listing page, then you will be directed to the listing exclusive for items that are offered at bottom prices—you won’t find any similar item at cheaper price elsewhere on the wholesale website DHgate.

The rock-bottom deals offer a huge opportunity for sample orders. Why? All deals for this long-term promotion are not only lowest at prices, but also smallest in order quantity—it does not mean you have to place small orders, but you ARE ALLOWED to place very small, even one-piece orders on these specials. With low prices and small-sized orders, you can quite easily test the quality of the products and the seller before you decide to make bigger orders for bigger margin.

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