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B2C Webstie DealExtreme.com

In the Chinese foreign trade industry, DealExtreme is extensively known despite that the company always keeps a low-key profile. The reason is more than simple: DealExtreme.com has a great number of daily visits and the online shopping site makes huge revenues every year. Based on my knowledge, DealExtreme receives tens of thousands of orders every day. In the eyes of foreign traders in China, DealExtreme is just like a super legend. This DealExtreme review is going to introduce some basics about the electronic gadget store.

On the global market, Lightinthebox.com seems to be much more famous than DealExtreme.com. Actually the two online shopping sites are about the same in terms of website traffic and turnover. The biggest difference may lie in the traffic sources. While the majority of traffic to Lightinthebox.com comes from search engines, that to DealExtreme.com is from web forums and other internet communities or social networks.

DealExtreme is one of the first legitimate international B2C websites based in China. Its founder, Lingjian, Chen, comes from Hong Kong and graduated from a US university. Like many other B2C online store owners, Chen started his business from eBay and created the DealExtreme.com site after he had made great success at eBay. However, unlike those successful eBay sellers, Chen gained his success by providing international logistics service. He accumulated his first group of customers by leaving his own business information in the parcels he sent out for his clients. Besides, the talented man writes codes for the website and uses social forums as the major marketing approaches later on.

Having a huge warehouse based in Shenzhen, DealExtreme carries a wide range of electronic gadgets and accessories. The main areas the store covers include consumer electronics, electrics & tools, car accessories, cell phones, computers, laptops & tablets, video games, flashlights & lasers, accessories for iPhone, iPad & iPod and lots more. There you can find all kinds of cool gadgets or novelty gadgets that are fun to use.

99% of the prices DealExtreme offers are definitely the lowest on the market. If you do find a lower price on any other website, you can use DealExtreme’s “Price Match” function to have the price lowered on the product you want. It works every time, based on the customer reviews I found on the web. Free shipping is available on each and every product there – DealExtreme is the first China-based electronic gadget website that provides free shipping worldwide.

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One Response to “DealExtreme Review: Making Success with a Low-Key Profile”

  1. Manjunath says:

    Order Number: 190109100180438027
    I bought mobile for 400$ on dealextreme.com next day i purchased they asked me id proof i sent all and they confirmed payment then after 17 days ago they are not shipped item and main horrible thing is no one reply to my msgs i tried lot of times but not responding any one msgs and also not shipping product. they don’t have chat service even dont have support emails ,they have only facebook support that also they blocked when i asked about my product see how frauds these peoples my money struck in dx..

    if u paid through direct on dealextreme.com then forget your money they never give u r contact u.. big frauds .. i paid through paypal so i just opened dispute but still pending coz they are not reply to them also ..

    Dont buy anything in DX be careful like these scam websites

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