Banggood Review: a Young Store backed by a Veteran Team

Company Background

In Guangzhou, China, there are lots of online wholesale companies, of different sizes. Overall, the majority of such firms are small and medium-sized. used to be one of the small online shops, based on my personal rating when they were founded in 2004. However, behind the website is a big team led by an ambitious man who has been achieving great success by selling a variety of products at eBay. As I know, the boss of Bandgood had been an airplane driver before he started his business at eBay. In addition, they are developing extraordinarily fast and now they have hundreds of full-time employees – when we talk about, we do not rank them as a small store anymore.

China Shopping Site

Like many other successful eBay sellers, the founder of Banggood was no longer satisfied with the revenues and achievements he has got at the eBay platform and created an individual website to sell products. Although the website is not as seasoned as the big names like, it is already quite mature in product lines, technical support and customer service as the leader has abundant experience in foreign trade management. He led a professional team with sales people, marketing talents, service representatives and tech support guys to assist him in selling products at eBay.

Product Range

The main areas covers are mostly categories that have helped the man gain huge profits at eBay, including consumer electronics and accessories, apparel and fashion accessories, flashlights & lasers and home & garden. Cell phone accessories (e.g. earphones, cases, chargers, stylus pens, screen protectors, etc.) and LED lights are among the major revenue earners there. Toys, sporting goods, cosplay costumes and motor accessories are the minor areas that are slightly smaller in terms of product line. In particular, I notice that the RC helicopters and RC airplanes for sale at are getting extremely popular these years, standing out by a huge variety of options for styles or designs as well as pricing. The category of made-in-China RC helicopters, for instance, includes about 300 items.

Discounted RC Helicopters and RC Toys


The prices Banggood offers are extensively low and competitive as the site’s core target customers are businesses, retailers and resellers. Even for retail orders, wholesale prices are available. The difference is, when you purchase more in a single order, you will get an even lower unit price. You can visit the site to see the detailed pricing – I am sure you will be surprised. A RC helicopter is available at as low as $18 only!


Like other emerging Chinese stores, offers free shipping on any order site wide by air mail. Of course, they also allow you to choose a quicker shipping method as long as you agree to pay a shipping fee which is also significantly discounted.

Banggood also provides dropshipping service for its customers who run their own online business at eBay or at individual websites of their own. By dropshipping products from Banggood, these businesses (of whatever size) are able to reduce costs and risks of keeping an inventory.

Banggood Scams

Just similar to any Chinese stores, big or small, has some negative feedback or bad reviews against them, which are posted on online forums, communities or blogs. Keep in mind that no Chinese online shops are free from complaints. If you do want to buy things from China through the Internet, you may need to take more time to read more carefully the negative reviews of the website instead of simply abandon using it. Try your best to avoid the situations mentioned in the unhappy reviews and do everything right to ensure yourself a safe shopping experience with For example, if you want to purchase cheap RC helicopters there, try searching related reviews to see how people are rating the specific models of remote control helicopters there. That way you can more efficiently find the best deals on the top rated quality RC helicopters there.

The Verdict

Though based on my research, is a legitimate China-based online wholesale shopping site, I would suggest you be cautious as much as you can when you shop there. Choosing a safer payment method like PayPal should be one of the great options to protect your interests. Then, before you decide to build long-term cooperative relationship with the site, you can also place a small order to test the water first.

18 thoughts on “Banggood Review: a Young Store backed by a Veteran Team”

  1. DO NOT use this company. The cheap prices are reflected in the non exsistent customer service should anything go wrong. Banggood will spin a web of lies in order to absolve themselves of ANY responsibility. Requesting a refund? Good luck with that. There are a lot of people who have had a great experience with Banggood, however, it’s how those of us who HAVE had issues are treated that raises a major red flag with this company. Once they have your money they don’t care.
    They will also lie and deflect around having to follow through on any promotions they put on, which is illegal in the EU. Big Summer Giveaway? Yeah right. I won a my order free in that promotion and told my money would be refunded within 7 days. Still waiting for it over a month later. All I have is an inbox full of copy and paste answers from customer services.

    Want further proof: 7.4 When you make a purchase, you agree that the risk of loss transfers from Banggood to you from the moment we deliver your order to the carrier.
    You will bear all related liabilities and risks during the third-party transportation of your order.

    So if the parcel goes missing, it’s your fault! Also illegal in the EU. It’s the retailers responsibility until it hits your door! The retailer contracted the courier, not the customer.

    Do yourself a favour; learn form others and use a more reputable company that respects Its customers. It may cost a little more but you’ll save yourself the hassle of dealing with these charlatans.

  2. terrible and horrible website to get any items. ordered item and didn’t get it and claim it they said it’s already delivered it so it’s anymore their responsibility. ask them to contact to Canada post they refused and don’t wanna get involved. getting money from ppl is so easy, never consider the after care. it’s just small retailer store and you get what you paid.

  3. I purchased two smart watches when they arrived one was noy fully fuctionable i notified banggood who were apolligetic and ofeered me 300 points worth $3 which i reluctantley accepted due to the hassle of trying to return to them.
    Now the other watch will only work for less than a day as the battery drains completely i sent photos showing the problem and the box showing the sku code, i contacted banggood again and they want a video and are just ignoring the issue i am going to paypal to setup a complait to obtain refund


  5. In June I purchased a patchwork top. Banggood told me it was out of stock but the order would be fulfilled when they had more. They substituted the garment by their own volition sending a garment that is the wrong brand, wrong colour and wrong size and they wonder why I want my money back. Customer Service is absolutely useless I wonder if they are robots with their inane responses. Now at the end of August the purchase is not on my logon, they will not refund my money offering 300 Banggood points which is useless as I will never shop with them again. In my opinion Banggood has stolen my money and they are fraudulent traders. DO NOT SHOP WITH THEM.

  6. banggood is a bullshit company that sent me a broken items and isnt fixing the item

  7. My friend tested BangGood, 2 out of 5 orders over 20$ with tracking # were sent to him in good condition. But some cheap items without tracking. They are still missing.

  8. Banggood’s prices are low and they offer free shipping; that’s great. Quality is very poor and if you have a problem, they delay resolving the problem for many weeks, requiring photos in situations where a photo doesn’t tell the story and Banggood customer service doesn’t seem to understand English. They only respond with ‘stock’ answers and their answers always delay resolution. I won’t deal with this company ever again.

  9. What is your opinion of the rumor that the free shipping on smaller items is being subsidized by the Chinese Government? (China Post Air) Often there are items for sale that cost less that the shipping could be like a cheap button. Then free shipping is offered. I notice that the free shipping offer and parameters (China Post eligible) are uniform across competing web sites.

  10. Random question: how is it the banggood, aliexpress, and all of the independent Web sites seem to be able to.offer free shipping on items that are for sale below 25 cents. For example I can buy a coat button on aliexpress for 16 cent with free shipping.
    It is being said that the Chinese government is behind this free shipping as an economic development plan to provide a market for these small item factories.
    Anyone have info? Links would be helpful too.

  11. The biggest problem with banggood are these very simply easily fixed issues.
    So before you decide to use this site take note of the following.
    1: When everything is going good shipping is great.
    2: Products are to be expected depending on what you buy good clones with authentic products also.
    3: Simple packaging reduces overall cost to consumer in my 300+ parcels i have only had a couple showing signs of damage.
    4: Friendly staff who try to be as helpful as possible they follow a script so be aware of this.
    5: Support can be great.

    1: When shit hits the fan Banggod runs for cover and does not want to know you, the attitude here we got your money your not getting it back.
    2: Banggod offer insurance on products i would advise never taking this policy because its a fraud and another way to get more money from you. There are no forms to make an insurance claim, when you ask for the form banggod reverts to no:1 and goes back to the script and just repeats it until you get so frustrated you give up. trying again at a later date is of no use as its just a reapeat.
    3: Service help and resolution when there is a registered known problem, bangood will try to force you to go to the OEM and get your goods replaced and serviced with them, problem here is you have no contractual agreement with that company as you never purchased from them and they will tell you to go to banggood and seek a resolution from them.
    4: The company is to inconsistent, you expect products to be of average quality which they are, its the chinese way, pump cheap crap out to the masses take there money and occasionally fix a problem or two.
    5: they use US dollars, instead of using there own currency to improve their own economy they continue to prop the the false american dollar. this goes for all chinese companies trading online too the western world.
    6: Company was founded in 2004 so they have had 12 plus years to hone their skills and improve themselves. The company will not get any better than they are currently so do not expect anything improvements there sorry..

    In summary:
    Banngood is consistantly inconsistant
    For convenience and all the products your require, that are in the same place bangood is a great place to buy, you save on having to deal with multiple companies and have a local source where you can keep track of your items purchased.
    Please beware sometimes things don’t go to plan and as helpful as online staff try to be it falls short really quickly when you start asking for money back.
    I would like to see a credit system instead of having to wait for monet to be returned into your account, most times you will spend your returned money there anyway, having this option for it clients would be a great idea imo.
    At the end of the day i choose to continue to shop here while im aware of all of the pros and cons shopping with this online company.

  12. are you blind? banggood is much expensive compare to ebay. are you paid reviewer of banggood?

  13. If I could give this place “negative stars” I would.

    I ordered a dress in two different sizes to arrive before November 1, 2015 and paid expedited shipping so they would arrive in 2-3 days as advertised.

    What a joke! The first dress came a couple of weeks ago (after a couple of emails asking for details on the order), A MONTH LATER THAN PROMISED. I recently sent another email asking for the status of the other dress and, in a nice way, demanded that my expedited shipment payment be removed.

    So far I haven’t heard back. I would definitely consider this place along the lines of the a scam. It doesn’t help that the place is overseas (I’m from the US) – I don’t want to pay the toll charges and end up getting someone who may not speak English.

    The dress is beautiful and appears to be made very well but that doesn’t half address the problem of customer service. I fear that my money has gone into a black hole.

    Anyone who even thinks of buying from this place should have his head examined

  14. I ordered three things at the beginning of this month. I was notified that at least one of them was shipped on the 12th. None of them have arrived yet and my attempts to contact them have all been failures. I’m not sure this is a company that can compete with Amazon; who at least has decent customer service.

  15. I must give these guys a credit. Not only have they shipped around 30 packages without problems all the way to my door. I live in the Czech republic and do you know what ebay is asking for shipping these days even for the smallest of items? Banggoood ships all items, even the smallest ones for free! I am a RC heli fan. I love Blade as a brand but have found Hisky or WLtoys helis to be the same quality but 10x times cheaper and with free shipping from banggood. Also when I wanted to change the order, they had a representative on a chat online right away.
    I agree that this site is not for inexperienced buyers but the low prices allow me to try stuff without much worry.
    As with any portal of this size, there are good and bad items and review (off site ideally) are very helpful.
    Of course, free shipping takes a month so one has to plan a little in advance. That is a negative I see.


  16. I bought a helicopter in Banggood, it was defective. They ignored me, sent me from pillar to post, refused to refund. I paid with Paypal. Paypal does not cover return postage and neither does Banggood. The postage cost more than half the price of the item. So Paypal does NOT protect the buyer. In this instance I stood to loose 60-70% of my investment.

  17. After reading this banggood review and the miniinthebox review. I’ve now 3 (already knew dx) china shops where i can find cheap gadgets. Is there a site where I can find cheapest goods?

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