May 16

Regular buyers of may have noticed that the electronics wholesale store changed its domain name into Based on our knowledge, this is the second time DavisMicro has altered its domain name for some purpose. Before adopting its current domain name, it was named as For details, you can read our post BrandsDragon Review.

Anyway, now you can still use to access the company’s online store – you will be directed to, though. So if you have get used to entering the domain name you can keep using the domain name to visit the site or shop for wholesale electronics there. Of course, you can also choose to input to open the website. By using any of the domain names, you will be led to the same place and you don’t have to worry about any security issue.

We believe that no company is willing to change its website domain name frequently. Obviously, it’s not good for building the credibility of the company, not to mention the huge negative impacts on its old and new customers. However, as a China wholesale review website, we have known DavisMicro for long and would never rank the firm as a scam. Despite the fact that DavisMicro or AHappyDeal still has a lot to improve, it has been a legal company running international wholesale electronics business for years.

Based in Shenzhen, the biggest manufacturing centre of consumer electronics in China and around the world, DavisMicro is able to source the best priced low-end electronics for its global customers. Unbelievably low pricing is always its greatest attraction. Here we would like to remind consumers or merchants who are interested in trading with DavisMicro or AHappyDeal: never expect that you will get a premium quality product from the store by spending a tiny sum of money. The quality of the consumer electronics offered by DavisMicro is acceptable but far from being of high standards. The electronic products are generally practical for use with many popular features but not so solid in quality as those offered by world renowned name brands. Nevertheless, it’s also unfair to say that the wholesale electronics sold by DavisMicro, BrandsDragon or AHappyDeal are crap. For more details, please read DavisMicro Review.

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  1. Kili says:

    I have bought 2 w702 7 inch google android 2.3 ARM 11 800MHz tablet PC from ahappydeal , for me and my girlfrend. it works good.

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