What Do You Think about ChinaVasion Scam?

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We notice that complaints about ChinaVasion scam appear on the Internet from time to time. Though such voices are remarkably weak, we still pay a lot of attention to this issue as we are always trying hard to help global buyers get a secure online tradition experience with Chinese suppliers.

We’ve known ChinaVasion for quite a long time. Since we launched our site ChinaWholesaleReveiws.com with a purpose to research the China wholesale market in early 2009, we’ve been doing working to dig out as many aspects as possible about the wholesale electronic shopping website. Technically, from our point of view, we definitely believe that ChinaVasion.com is a legitimate company doing serious business in the arena of wholesale electronics. Anyway, a scam online trading company can’t have existed for so many years – ChinaVasion was founded in 2005 and is still doing business with millions of global buyers.

Other facts that may help you identify whether ChinaVasion scam is true or not:

1. ChinaVasion is located in Shenzhen, China, the bustling metropolis having the world’s largest number of consumer electronics. If you want to check whether the company exist or not, you can pay a visit to its office headquarter when you visit China or you can ask your friends who go to Shenzhen on business or live there to confirm for you. Here is ChinaVasion’s address:

Chinavasion Electronic Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
3A, Xinbaohui Building, Nanhai Main Road,
Nanshan District
518054 Shenzhen

2. ChinaVasion.com is run by a young team of Chinese and Western staff. Below is the photo of the ChinaVasion family:

ChinaVasion Staff

3. Some customers claimed that their emails to ChinaVasion customer support were not answered quickly enough. It’s understandable. The customer service team of ChinaVasion seems quite small, with about 15 service representatives only. Although the company promises that they will give personal response to all inquiries within 1 business day, delays may happen.

Contact Us

Considering the overall poor quality and efficiency of customer service of Chinese companies, we would suggest you be patient when you try to reach them for support. Anyway, the company won’t let go any opportunity to increase their customer base and revenue. If you have any pre-sales or after-sales issue to inquire them, just email them at support@chinavasion.com. Or, you can simply click the Live Support button at the right top of the homepage to get instant help. They will absolutely give you response.

4. Some other customers complained that the items they received from ChinaVasion are not world renowned brand names. We believe it’s a 100% misunderstanding of the company. ChinaVasion never claims that they sell brand name products and does not sell such products. If you take a closer look at the product listings on the site, you will find that all products for sale there are labeled with China brands you seldom or never heard of before. You know why the electronic gadgets offered by ChinaVasion are so popular among global buyers without a big brand name? They are highly functional and extremely cheap, very suitable for re-sell or dropship business!

5. Quality problem is another reason why a few people believe that ChinaVasion is a scam. Some said the quality of the items they got from ChinaVasion is not as good as expected, while some other mentioned that the items do not work or work poorly.

Electronic Gadgets at ChinaVasion

You know, quality standards may vary from price levels. When you buy a touch screen laptop from ChinaVasion at only 100 USD, you can’t expect that it will work equally well like an iPad. But some people are naïve enough to believe that it will be as good as an iPad. When such people find that, well, it does not work that way, they have enough reason to put ChinaVasion into their online trading scammer list.

Based on our findings, ChinaVasion has an in-house quality control system to inspect every item before it’s put on the warehouse shelf and also before it’s sent out to customers. So it seems impossible that the company ships broken or bad quality items to its customers on purpose. Every serious company values its credibility and reputation, right? However, for any shipping, whether international or domestic, damages may occur. When you find that the items you receive do not work normally, they may have been damaged during delivery. In such cases, you should report the situation with detailed evidence to ChinaVasion customer support to get a replacement or refund, instead of wasting your time to post your complaint about ChinaVasion scam on the Internet to drain off your anger.

Now, what do you think about ChinaVasion scam? If you have any opinions that you would like to share with us about this topic, you are welcome to leave your comments below.

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Images courtesy of ChinaVasion

23 thoughts on “What Do You Think about ChinaVasion Scam?”

  1. ordered a tablet, a great offer, but never received. chinavasion support says they shipped but is not possible to track.
    yes, chinavasion is scam.

  2. Chinavasion is a big scam !! I ordered my phone weeks ago ..Have sent loads of emails trying to find out where it is and no answer from them I clicked on the phone I bought and didnt receive and it says its out of stock and won’t be back in stock be basically they took my money the phone is not in stock and they won’t answer me !!

  3. Chinavasion sent me a phone which i paid for and after many emails tehy said yes the phone is faulty and to send it back ,however cost to send back 70.00 and no guarantees to be fixed. phone only 3months old so they refused creit note and refund. DEFINITELY A SCAM DO NOT BUY FROM CHINAVASION … MICHAEL LIAN was the person i dealt with

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