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China Wholesale Site ChinaVasion.com

We notice that complaints about ChinaVasion scam appear on the Internet from time to time. Though such voices are remarkably weak, we still pay a lot of attention to this issue as we are always trying hard to help global buyers get a secure online tradition experience with Chinese suppliers.

We’ve known ChinaVasion for quite a long time. Since we launched our site ChinaWholesaleReveiws.com with a purpose to research the China wholesale market in early 2009, we’ve been doing working to dig out as many aspects as possible about the wholesale electronic shopping website. Technically, from our point of view, we definitely believe that ChinaVasion.com is a legitimate company doing serious business in the arena of wholesale electronics. Anyway, a scam online trading company can’t have existed for so many years – ChinaVasion was founded in 2005 and is still doing business with millions of global buyers.

Other facts that may help you identify whether ChinaVasion scam is true or not:

1. ChinaVasion is located in Shenzhen, China, the bustling metropolis having the world’s largest number of consumer electronics. If you want to check whether the company exist or not, you can pay a visit to its office headquarter when you visit China or you can ask your friends who go to Shenzhen on business or live there to confirm for you. Here is ChinaVasion’s address:

Chinavasion Electronic Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
3A, Xinbaohui Building, Nanhai Main Road,
Nanshan District
518054 Shenzhen

2. ChinaVasion.com is run by a young team of Chinese and Western staff. Below is the photo of the ChinaVasion family:

ChinaVasion Staff

3. Some customers claimed that their emails to ChinaVasion customer support were not answered quickly enough. It’s understandable. The customer service team of ChinaVasion seems quite small, with about 15 service representatives only. Although the company promises that they will give personal response to all inquiries within 1 business day, delays may happen.

Contact Us

Considering the overall poor quality and efficiency of customer service of Chinese companies, we would suggest you be patient when you try to reach them for support. Anyway, the company won’t let go any opportunity to increase their customer base and revenue. If you have any pre-sales or after-sales issue to inquire them, just email them at support@chinavasion.com. Or, you can simply click the Live Support button at the right top of the homepage to get instant help. They will absolutely give you response.

4. Some other customers complained that the items they received from ChinaVasion are not world renowned brand names. We believe it’s a 100% misunderstanding of the company. ChinaVasion never claims that they sell brand name products and does not sell such products. If you take a closer look at the product listings on the site, you will find that all products for sale there are labeled with China brands you seldom or never heard of before. You know why the electronic gadgets offered by ChinaVasion are so popular among global buyers without a big brand name? They are highly functional and extremely cheap, very suitable for re-sell or dropship business!

5. Quality problem is another reason why a few people believe that ChinaVasion is a scam. Some said the quality of the items they got from ChinaVasion is not as good as expected, while some other mentioned that the items do not work or work poorly.

Electronic Gadgets at ChinaVasion

You know, quality standards may vary from price levels. When you buy a touch screen laptop from ChinaVasion at only 100 USD, you can’t expect that it will work equally well like an iPad. But some people are naïve enough to believe that it will be as good as an iPad. When such people find that, well, it does not work that way, they have enough reason to put ChinaVasion into their online trading scammer list.

Based on our findings, ChinaVasion has an in-house quality control system to inspect every item before it’s put on the warehouse shelf and also before it’s sent out to customers. So it seems impossible that the company ships broken or bad quality items to its customers on purpose. Every serious company values its credibility and reputation, right? However, for any shipping, whether international or domestic, damages may occur. When you find that the items you receive do not work normally, they may have been damaged during delivery. In such cases, you should report the situation with detailed evidence to ChinaVasion customer support to get a replacement or refund, instead of wasting your time to post your complaint about ChinaVasion scam on the Internet to drain off your anger.

Now, what do you think about ChinaVasion scam? If you have any opinions that you would like to share with us about this topic, you are welcome to leave your comments below.

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Images courtesy of ChinaVasion

23 Responses to “What Do You Think about ChinaVasion Scam?”

  1. roben tau says:

    ordered a tablet, a great offer, but never received. chinavasion support says they shipped but is not possible to track.
    yes, chinavasion is scam.

  2. N O Donoghue says:

    Chinavasion is a big scam !! I ordered my phone weeks ago ..Have sent loads of emails trying to find out where it is and no answer from them I clicked on the phone I bought and didnt receive and it says its out of stock and won’t be back in stock be basically they took my money the phone is not in stock and they won’t answer me !!

  3. tony keely says:

    Chinavasion sent me a phone which i paid for and after many emails tehy said yes the phone is faulty and to send it back ,however cost to send back 70.00 and no guarantees to be fixed. phone only 3months old so they refused creit note and refund. DEFINITELY A SCAM DO NOT BUY FROM CHINAVASION … MICHAEL LIAN was the person i dealt with

  4. Marc says:

    Items never received. No refund

    Invoice number: 2871052

    I ordered a phone and some other things. (160$) Products never arrived.

    I opened a ticket and after months of back and forth. I was told
    there's nothing we can do.

    here is one of the replies:
    Dear Marc,

    "Our local post office had finished the investigation and the
    resuld is delivered. However, if you have not got it, their suggestion
    is as below:

    1. This is a kind of post service and they can't provice the
    delivery signature.
    2. Use this one 61299991206455380299 to contact FedEx to see which
    post office they delivered to?
    3. Use this one 9261299991206455380299 to your local nearest USPS to
    see where they delivered the parce.

    Thank you for your assistance."
    Fedex shows delivered to post office… Post office shows waiting for package.

    So I lost 160usd.

    Never buy from them!

  5. Marc says:

    I ordered a phone and some other things. (160$) Products never arrived.

    I opened a ticket and after months of back and forth. I was told there’s nothing we can do.

    here is one of the replies:
    Dear Marc,

    “Our local post office had finished the investigation and the resuld is delivered. However, if you have not got it, their suggestion is as below:

    1. This is a kind of post service and they can’t provice the delivery signature.
    2. Use this one 61299991206455380299 to contact FedEx to see which post office they delivered to?
    3. Use this one 9261299991206455380299 to your local nearest USPS to see where they delivered the parce.

    Thank you for your assistance.”
    Fedex shows delivered to post office… Post office shows waiting for package.

    So I lost 160usd.

    Never buy from them!

  6. GaryT says:

    I bought a Nomu S20 phone from them In December and in May the rubber waterproof cover was expanding and coming away from the phone. Email communication (with Michael)was difficult as he/they would often ignore emails and would only reply after the 4th time of asking. After 18 emails from me in 3 months, they eventually agreed to send me a replacement cover…but wanted to charge me €10 to cover their postage costs.

    3 months later and the phone starts installing programs by itself and playing music when there are no programs running and I discover (after searching the web) that this phone is shipped from Nomu with malware installed into the operating system and it cannot be removed. I contact Chinavasion and once again the whole ignoring emails merry-go-round starts again. If you do get a reply it’s usually to ask something you have already told them, like what the problem is. Several times with the earlier cover replacement they kept asking me for my address yet it was clearly visible in the message I had sent them (and in their reply).

    In summary, it’s tempting to think you can get a bargain by buying a cheap phone from China and so long as the item turns up, works and you don’t need to contact the supplier….ever, you’ll be fine. If, on the other hand, you require any form of customer service, forget about it. You are better of buying from a guy in a bar or off a back of a lorry as you’ll have as much luck resolving any problems you have. Try it if you fancy a gamble and once you get your fingers burned, go back to buying from your local store or Amazon, lesson learned.

  7. bbb says:

    This is a serious warning to all potential customers. I wanted to return the item which I ordered by not collecting it from DHL but paying the shipping cost back. But this company has cheated me. I wanted to send an item back (the cost of the item 250 USD), but in one email they refused to accept the item (it was unpacked, not collected from DHL). And in another email they claimed that the total cost of sending the item back will be as high as the whole item!!! In other words, they claimed that sending the item back from Europe to China is 250 USD! Sending the item to me was approx. 17 USD. I was forced to keep the item. The company does not respect basic rule of sales: that the customer has the right to send the item back to them. In the end, I have an item for 250 USD which I cannot use and cannot return to them. They are dishonest in my opinion.

  8. nemanja says:

    Chinavision is not a scam i bought 3 times from them and they are great. iT IS AMAizing

  9. Mark says:

    Never use Chinavasion for drop-shipping or time sensitive orders

    1. Chinavasion sells items that are not in stock, this alone is horrible for a drop shipper
    2. Chinavasion will cause you major problems if you sell through Ebay or Amazon
    3. I had a 20% failure rate with them on shipping (I have quit using them)
    4. Chinavasion issues fake tracking numbers to avoid returning your money
    5. Chinavasion will overcharge you on debit card transaction hoping you do not notice
    6. Chinavision sometimes does not take the Money you payed them and it is returned to your account making it a nightmare to figure out where the extra money came from and if your item actually shipped
    7. Chinavasion has poor English skills if you have a problem (they just dont care)
    ​8. Chinavision can be hard to get your money back, buyer beware

  10. Franklin says:

    What ever you buy from ChinaVasion will become faulty within 12 months if they try to repair it it will come back worse than before. They have no respect for their customers who keep them in business their product range runs from inferior to dangerous. When you order from them you have a 50/50 chance of receiving a faulty product or an inadequate charger made for pennies in their sweat shops. That said there are many more companies in China worse than them. It’s a sad indictment that the Chinese seem incapable of doing honest business.

  11. John Nielsen says:

    Without going into detail, I purchased a product that was defective out of the box. this is what Chinavision Support told me, so if you shop there its at your own risk there are no returns!!!

    Wilson [Chinavasion]: First we will clarify the issue, Chinavasion doesn’t accept returns of products which are not faulty. If you order the wrong products by mistake, not as per your standard or order products that cannot work in your country
    john [Customer’: the product is defective it was broken out of the box
    Wilson [Chinavasion]: we will not offer return/exchange after the goods are sent out.

    so don’t say I did not warn you, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE unless you are ok with it not working out of the box and that is acceptable to you!


    you are talking about legit?? you??? may i remind you that i buy a phone from your site and after 7 months that his camera stop work is end it to you to fix it. You reply that is not fixable and you will refund me 30 eyros the prize was 58.71 and the phone was in warranty of 12 months and i told you eather refund me the full price to my chinavission account or replace it with a smae or a difrent one with same specs you reply you cannot do it becouse the refund will be 30 eyros couse i have use the phone for 7 months . is this legal? i dont know any low that it say that ,as far i know the low say if an item is not work and is not my responcibility you are obligated eather to replace it or refund it .
    your site is totaly cheaters that follow his own rules and translate them as you like and you thing that becouse we are far from you we cannot do nothing trust me you are mistaken i will find the exact official agency in our country about this kind of matter and i will make complains there someone have to check you cheaters couse i see many people in other forums with the same complain about you . As far until know i have contact with many of them to take a certain action about your site and you . you cant cheat people by making your own rules

  13. Jerome says:


    Just want to say that i have a good experience with ‘Chinavasion” (or is it China Invasion 🙂 ).
    The shipment was fast. Just one and a half week to Amsterdam (Netherlands).

    The ‘No.1 X6800’ phone works fine. But with most China hardware, be careful with connecting the usb cable for charging. It feels like fragile.

    But the company sells a product for a price it’s worth it.

  14. PaulayMilly says:

    BEWARE of Bait & Switch…

    I tried to purchase 10 phones from this company. My card was charged and I thought all was well. Then I receive an email stating the phones were NOT available they only had 4 of the 10 I ordered.They never offered a refund for the purchase, They offered me a 4.5″ in place for the 5.5″ I ordered then offered me a 5″ instead of 10, they offered 12.

    4 of the 5.5″ and 8 of the 5″ they forced on me to take was NO NAME.

    They told me if I didn’t accept the offer, my money would just be placed on my account on hold for my next purchase? So I took the offer, because I was in a tight spot.

    I received the order and the 5.5″ phones were NOT as I ordered either, they were WRONG! And the 5″ phones were NOT as good as the phones I initially ordered in regards to brand, size & QUALITY.. The all arrived dead, not working & some were used and damaged…I was very much disappointed in the process. Customer service was responsive, but obviously they wasn’t going to lose in any way to make this right. They offered to take a return if I paid for the shipping and a restocking fee. WOW! really?

    Then I offered to please purchase more so I could keep a steady flow of business and keep a reputation of GOOD product… I felt a discount would be right In regards to make up for this…I made several offers to make this right, They denied every offer… The best they said they could do was make me a Gold member for two purchases? But that wasn’t fair at all… Considering the way it was handled, what have lost… the time and money that was lost on my end it sucked really bad. As well as their prices are a lot higher than competitors, considering the charge for shipping anyway, but the shipping is fast… I have shopped with them three times. The 10/12 phone purchase was my largest purchase because I was testing the waters with them on a mission to work with them LONGTERM. I was really HURT behind this. For the amount of the purchase, it is sad the wanted to lose more losing me as a long term client. It would cost a lot less for them to just fix this. THIS was awful dealings, Bait & Switch.. WOW… Hard to trust a company that realizes they are wrong and admits it, but isn’t willing to make it right to benefit the customer, it was all about them! I told them just imagine if I was spending $10k with them… My order wasn’t that expensive, but if they’re that petty over a small order, I cannot imagine how it would be on a larger level… Yikes… I was disappointed but moving on in a different direction…

  15. Andy says:

    I purchased a smart phone for my daughter before 25th december and got the phone quite quickly but after 1 months normal use the touchscreen decided to not respond so i got intouch with chinavasion and told them the issue, they wanted a video of the phone not responding (yes my word was not good enough) after submitting the video file to them to see they took 2 months of me always on at them about how long before the said phone came back to us and each time i was told “sorry i will look into this for you” eventually i got a response i was not happy with. They said that the screen was damaged and that i would need to pay them £25gbp as well as the P&P of £6.68 and i can assure you all that my daughter had not once dropped it nor is there a crack in the screen! for them to bring up some alibi to say that the warranty does not cover the damaged screen is just asking for trouble and i have told them that unless they replace the faulty phone….I will seek legal justice and never do business with them again.

  16. Steve says:

    I use ChinaVasion.com on ebay as a dropshipper and have sold multiple products without any hassle. The site has always responded within minutes on their live chat. I wonder if this “scam” site is purely to give chinavasion a bad rep. Chinavasion is great.

  17. chinavision bad service says:

    Avoid CHINAVISION no service at all, all products are rubbish

  18. matthew says:

    I bought 2 stereos from chinavasion and both didnt work. Chinavasion admitted one of the stereos has been reported to have a fault, if so how did they leave the factory if they inspect every item before it leaves?

    For me to have them fixed I would be paying for normal mail as thats all they accept, I have to pay for the faulty one to be returned even though they admit the product is faulty.

    I will NEVER buy anything from Chinavasion again. $1000 down the drain

  19. Michael says:

    It really comes down to luck with Chinavasion. From my experience at least 50% of their items have some form of fault, all have made the items unusable but some have actually been very dangerous such as melting batteries, small internal explosions and more. So not only are you playing a game of chance with the item working, you could be playing a game of chance with your life… Chinavasion has one of the worst records for customer service on the entire internet, its obvious that they have no respect for their customers. If you do get a faulty item then you will not get your money back and if they ‘repair’ it then from my experience it will be returned with even worse faults… At the end of the day they are either incompetent or scammers, my bet is on the latter. If they operated their business in any other country then they would probably be in jail. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM CHINAVASION. SAVE YOUR TIME, MONEY AND HEALTH.

  20. Admin says:

    Hi, the address we indicated here is their head office for general business operation based on our research. Just for your reference: we know that some Chinese sites do use one ore more exclusive addresses to send and/or to receive returned orders, which is different from their main office address. Their operation office is often separated from their warehouse(s) and that’s probably why you received an item sent from an address different from the address of their head office.

    We are a third-party review website and the information we provide is completely based on our research. For detailed information, you are encouraged to contact Chinavasion service people by using their live chat service.

    Thanks for leaving the comment here.


  21. vin says:

    Hi, i need to know the correct address of your company because the one that was sent to me when i ordered was; Suite 2603, 909 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon Hong Kong. But surprisingly the one am seeing here on the review section is different which is; Nanhia main road, Nanshan district, Shenzhen.

  22. Admin says:

    Hi there,

    Based on our findings, Gadgetsdealer.com and Ahappydeal.com (read our review here) belong to the same company, which is based in Shenzhen. They have been in the foreign trade business for years. Besides the two sites, they also have everbuying.com, sammydress.com and yeegow.com. So they do sell products to global buyers and they have been existing for years.

    However, like most Chinese shopping sites, Gadgetsdealer has much more bad reviews than good reviews in terms of product quality as well as customer service. I personally would not give a high rating for the site

    My advice: if you do see something you are interested there and want to give them a try, start from placing a very small order to test the water. After you receive the goods, you will get a better understanding of the company.

    Also, you are encouraged to take a look at similar Chinese electronic sites with better reputation, such as Lightinthebox.com, Focalprice.com and Chinavasion.com.

    Good luck!


  23. Rudolf says:

    Hi I just want to find out if you guys know of any legitimate and non scam businesses in china that is an electronic wholesale as I’m looking for android tablets and I’m from South Africa? I also want to find out if Gadgetsdealer.com is a legitimate site thank you.

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