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If you are looking for cheap evening dresses for sale online from China, consider three online stores:, and The former two stores carry a huge selection of evening dresses and party dresses and provide customization service, while the other one has a vast array of wholesale evening dresses offered by various qualified Chinese suppliers.

Chiffon One-Shoulder Evening Dress at Lightinthebox Halter V-Neck Evening Dress at Milanoo Sexy Evening Dress at AliExpress

Based in Beijing, the capital of China, is a world-renowned B2B and B2C online store offering a variety of products, including wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, cell phones, electronics, beauty products, home and garden products and more. In particular, evening dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mobile phones, faucets, tattoos and car DVD players are the bestselling categories there. The store has a huge selection of really gorgeous designer inspired evening dresses and celebrity style evening dresses. Most of the cheap evening dresses for sale at Lightinthebox can be custom made based on customers’ specific measures by a professional team of dressmakers of the company. In addition, the online store has its own fashion designers and models to design and display the dresses. Superior quality, stylish designs and reasonable prices are the greatest attractions of the evening dresses available on the site.

Check out Cheap Evening Dresses for Sale at >> is another great store to buy cheap evening dresses for sale online from China. It is basically a fashion store, although it also offers some home and garden products such as table linens, oil paintings, bedding sets and towels. Likewise, wedding apparel and formal dresses like evening dresses, prom dresses and cocktail dresses offered by the online shop are extremely popular among global buyers. Customization service is available too. Unbeatable pricing is what makes the special occasion dresses at Milanoo stand out.

Check out Cheap Evening Dresses for Sale at >>

Have you ever heard of The B2B company is so famous on the global market! Being an express wholesale transaction platform, is a part of Different from Lightinthebox and Milanoo, AliExpress does not sell products, it “sells” services – it provides buyer protection service, buyer and supplier management service, product line management service and more. Anyway, it does not charge any fees on buyers – no membership fee, no transaction commissions. The prices suppliers offer on their products already contain a small amount of commissions AliExpress charges so buyers don’t have to pay extra commissions. Because of the commissions, you may wonder whether the prices at AliExpress are the lowest on the China wholesale market. The answer is: of course they are! Why? When you are getting familiar with the China international wholesale arena, you will see that AliExpress is really powerful and popular among Chinese suppliers. In order to defeat so many competitors on the platform and attract more customers, the suppliers often choose to lower down their prices. As a result, the final prices put at the tags are still extremely low even when added with the commissions AliExpress charges.

AliExpress has the greatest collection of cheap evening dresses for sale online from China. These dresses are offered by different suppliers or stores at different prices. Value-added services like free shipping or customization service are available on some of the products – it all depends on each single supplier’s marketing plan. Generally, AliExpress organizes promotions for a particular season, holiday, event or theme. For instance, you may find discounted evening dresses from a summer clearance sale, a fall new arrival sale or a formal dress sale there.

Check out Cheap Evening Dresses for Sale at >>


Images courtesy of Lightinthebox, Milanoo and AliExpress

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  2. Dressni Says:

    Yes, online dresses are cheap, and the online dresses from china so inexpensive. As you know, china has the high quality but cheap maternity to made different beautiful dresses. Then the idea to shop dresses online in china is good. By the way, I have to say that china wholesale website not only lightinthebox, not only milanoo, not only AliExpress, there is a good website Try to shop dresses there, you will have the amazing surprise.

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