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As the biggest foreign trade base of China, Guangzhou has a huge number of wholesale marketplaces locating in every corner of the city. Most of the marketplaces focus on one or two macro-categories so that buyers or resellers can shop more conveniently. Every year, visitors from all around the world come to these wholesale shopping centers to hunt for products for their businesses and as a result, these places are always very crowded. That’s why Chinese buyers who go there for their domestic business or foreign trade business would rather choose a public traffic tool instead of driving there – it is not easy to find a parking space.

Yesterday we drove to a Guangzhou-based wholesale centre with several marketplaces that mainly offer fashion accessories like jewelry, scarves, glasses, headpieces or watches. Although we had known that finding a parking lot there could be a problem, we still chose to drive there, hoping that we can luckily find a place to park our car. When the GPS prompted that we are getting close to the destination Guangzhou Binbin Plaza, we noticed a one-way street where a non-standard parking service is provided. It charges 10 RMB per hour. So expensive! Anyway, it seems we have no other better choices so we decided to park there. To our surprise, a wholesale marketplace of fashion accessories is right there at the roadside, named “Taikang City Wholesale Plaza”. We had not known this marketplace before and our target place is another famous wholesale marketplace: Wanling International Wholesale Center.

A store at Kaitang City Wholesale PlazaAnyway, we took a quick tour in the Taikang City wholesale trading building and purchased some really nice fashion accessories including necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The merchants generally offer you wholesale prices as long as you purchase a dozen or twenty pieces per order. If you just shop one piece for your personal use, you have to pay a retail price which is much higher than the wholesale price. The products for sale there are very cheap in pricing, e.g. a vintage bracelet made in real leather is available at ¥5-10 RMB (about $1-2 USD) for wholesale orders.

Then we walked for three minutes to Wanling International Wholesale Center, which is nearing the popular shopping mall Haizhou Binbin Plaza. The major businesses the market runs are: toys, knickknacks, boutique, fashion accessories, home adornments, stationery and more. As the Christmas is right around the corner, we saw many Christmas supplies there, such as Christmas trees, Christmas toys, Christmas decorations, Santa Claus Figures, etc. Not surprisingly, we found that many foreigners were busy shopping there for various products. Again, we focused on visiting stores that sell wholesale fashion accessories and also purchased some from a few stores. Comparatively, the prices are a little bit higher than those offered by sellers at Taikang City but the quality is better, to be fair.

Wanling International Wholesale Center

Taikang City Wholesale Plaza and Wanling International Wholesale Center are just two of the many wholesale shopping areas for fashion accessories or other small goods. If you are interested in stocking up on such products from Guangzhou, they are definitely worth taking a look. For your convenience, we will list their addresses and traffic information below.

Taikang City Wholesale Plaze (泰康城饰品批发广场)

  • Address: (广州市越秀区泰康路111号)
  • Bus station: Haizhou Plaza (海珠广场站): No.13, No.16, No.40, No.61, No.188, No.190, No.194, No.221, No.222, No.236, No.544 or No.519
  • Subway Station: B1 Exit, Haizhou Plaza (海珠广场站): No. 8


Wanling International Wholesale Center (万菱玩具精品家居饰品国际批发中心)

  • Address: (广州市解放南路39号)
  • Bus station: Jie Fang Nan Road (解放南路站): No.552, No.88, No.203, No.29, No.253, No.281, No.519, No.191, No.86, No.113, No.87, No.527, No.5, No.243, No.14, No.244A, No.273, No.227, No.180, No.64, No.244 or No.250
  • Subway Station: B3 Exit, Haizhou Plaza (海珠广场站): No. 8


We would encourage you to go there by metro as you can reach either of the destinations with a walk for only two or three minutes from the Haizhou Plaza Subway Station. If you do not know Chinese and don’t want to hire a Chinese interpreter, you can print the Chinese name of the markets and use the notes to ask any passerby how to get to the destinations. Most Chinese people will kindly guide you there and young people could be more helpful as it is easier for them to understanding your request. You don’t have to worry about language problem when negotiating with the store owners. Most of them can trade with you in simple or good English.

If you don’t want to visit China in person to stock up for your business, you can choose to shop online from trusted stores or marketplaces such as or Or, if you trust us, you can buy straight from our own online stores – currently we mainly offer fashionable jewelry and accept both wholesale and retail orders. As the start-up promotion, we will sell our in-stock products at cost prices only. For any inquiries, please contact us at support{at} (note: is’s former domain name and we changed the name recently for better brand building).

In the near future we are going to introduce more good wholesale marketplaces of fashion accessories or other products based in Guangzhou. Just see our updates if you are interested.

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