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Spy cameras are also called hidden cameras as they are meant to film people without their knowledge. For this reason they are often disguised as another object and it is hard to notice its photo or video shooting function. The majority of spy cameras are mini and portable so that they can work in a more invisible way.

Though some people may use spy cameras for unlawful activities such as prying into other people’s privacy, most spy cameras are use for household surveillance just like IP cameras do. While IP cameras are generally clearly visible and people can manage to hide themselves from the filming, spy cameras can do the filming without being noticed at all. In practical, it is very hard to find out a spy camera as it is usually built into a very common object. Now on the Chinese foreign trade market, we can find watch spy cameras, pen spy cameras, hat spy cameras, handbag spy cameras, thermometer spy cameras, mobile phone spy cameras, glasses spy cameras, belt spy cameras, switch spy cameras, button spy cameras, keychain spy cameras, universal charger spy cameras, metal lighter spy cameras, car DVR video spy cameras and lots more spy cameras that are shaped in conventional objects.
Best 2013 Spy Cameras at
2013 Spy Cameras at

However, most IP cameras are wireless and can be connected to a smartphone, a PC, an iPad or an iPod Touch for monitoring from any distance around the world but even a wireless spy camera can be used to transmit a video signal to a receiver within a small radius (up to a few hundred feet). Comparatively, an IP camera is better for security surveillance monitoring of the house when people are not at home and a spy camera may work better for watching over the household within or near the house. For instance, some people use spy cameras to make sure their nannies are taking good care of their little babies though the legality of such activities is still quite controversial. That is why spy cameras or hidden cameras are nicknamed “nanny cams”.

Anyway, spy cameras without audio applications are not prohibited in the US. That means you can use spy cameras to observe how your babysitter looks after your kid but you are not allowed to intercept audio communications by a surreptitious manner with the device. Otherwise, you may commit offenses.Tire Wall Clock Spy Cameras at

I notice that many Chinese international shopping sites offer spy cameras but name the category in another term other than “spy cameras”. For instance, some sites call it “hidden cameras”, “invisible cameras”, “creative cameras” or “mini cameras”. At most sites I failed to find an exclusive category of spy cameras. Even if you search their sites by the term, you won’t always get matching results though some do show you spy cameras listed neatly. I guess this is because of the controversy regarding the legality of using spy cameras.

A few days ago I just posted an article introducing the best 2013 IP cameras available at Chinese sites. In most cases, when a site is selling good IP cameras, it also has a impressive collection of spy cameras. So the sites mentioned in that post are also good places to look for hidden cameras. Below is a summary of the best sites to buy cheap spy cameras 2013 (the links will direct you to their pages of spy cameras).


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