Jul 04

Lightinthebox Dropship

The top navigation of LightInTheBox includes an exclusive Dropship section, which clearly indicates that the China wholesale company offers special dropshipping service for those who need dropshipping in their resale business. Enter the page and you will find a detailed instruction on how to use the service.

As it is claimed, LightInTheBox charges no extra fees on its dropshipping service so buyers can feel safe to enjoy this service. For buyers who run an online store or something a bit more specialized, LightInTheBox provides the stock they may need, based on what items they want exactly, of course. With the dropshipping service offered by LightInTheBox, buyers can run their resale business without costly inventories or complicated online trading system including logistics. Especailly for shoestring stores, this benefit is really attractive. Buys need to be aware that LightInTheBox share not responsibility for providing tax information for their countries. Therefore, dropshippers should learn about tax information themselves for their own countries and inform their customers in advance.

To start the dropship business on LightInTheBox, dropshippers need to follow 3 basic steps. First, choose the items which they want to order for their customers; Second, provide their customers’ shipping addresses after the customers place the orders with them; Third, after LightInTheBox confirm the payments for their dropship orders, the china wholesale marketplace will ship the items right away.

All items in the inventory of LightInTheBox are available for dropshippers, so buyers need no concern about the availability or stock of items they want to resale to their customers, just choose the items and place the orders. Also, to protect dropshippers’ privacy and hide their dropshipping business from their direct customers, LightInTheBox will not include publicity materials or invoices within the packages sent to their customers. If the customers encounter any technical difficulties, they need to contact the dropshippers as the vendor of their purchased orders, and then LightInTheBox will handle the problems based on the requirements of the dropshippers.

To get started the dropshipping business, check out the hottest products listed on the “Dropship Zone” or the homepage of the China wholesale site LightInTheBox.com and choose the items for resale. Then, contact their sales service team for more information about the next moves.

3 Responses to “About dropshipping service offered by LightInTheBox”

  1. James says:

    Christine, I saw the same.

    It doesn’t make sense as the price difference between LITB and DITB can be big.

    DropInTheBox seems to not be well maintained either.

    Kind of a shame that it was launched as a seeming afterthought.

  2. Christine Darden says:

    I created a website bases on that light in the box would be my drop shipping service by the time my site was half way done Light in the box limited it’s dropshipping to drop in the box and upped it’s store prices and had a lot of their pictures upgraded so not you can’t drop ship the good products they have your limited to what they put in drop in the box very frustrating and disappointing, now looking for a comparable site that drop ships the wide variety Light in the box used to offer for drop ship.

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