2014 Cheap Prom Dresses for Sale Online

The prom season of this year has begun and girls are hunting for 2014 trendy prom dresses to get ready for the one-after-another hilarious parties. In addition to out-standing styles, cheap prices are usually the second biggest concern for ladies who are trying to purchase the best-valued prom dresses online. This post will introduce several reliable Chinese online stores which offer 2014 latest styles in prom dresses at super cheap prices or discounted prices.

To better help interested parties find the desired prom dresses, I will pick the best Chinese prom dress suppliers based on my knowledge here. This time I will recommend professional stores of special occasion dresses only, though there are a number of great comprehensive online shopping malls where you can also find good deals on prom dresses.

Amormoda.com: As an expert supplier of all kinds of party dresses, Amormoda.com stands out by amazing varieties of styles, good quality as well as reasonable prices. The prices displayed at the site look not so competitive compared to those at their competing sites but after you take into the free shipping service into account, you won’t think that way. So far, it is the only China-based special occasion store offering free shipping worldwide. The store carries over 1,300 items in the product line of prom dresses and currently they are promoting hard on prom dresses by releasing deals and coupon codes frequently. See the latest Amormoda coupon codes here >>

2014 Cheap Prom Dresses at Amormoda.com
Images courtesy of Amormoda.com


Lightinthebox.com: If you are a regular shopper with Chinese online stores, you must know this shopping site. It is so famous that no one can exceed it in terms of global reputation in the arena of special occasion dresses foreign trading. It is the true forerunner in this field and over years it has become a premium supplier of prom dresses, wedding dresses, evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses and any other formal or semi-formal dresses. Though prom dresses are not their biggest revenue earner with about 1,000 items, I still strongly recommend it to girls who love high-end prom dresses at affordable prices. Their quality standards are definitely among the top-rated and their pre-sales and after-sales services are better since they are already a listed company. You may be worried that such a powerful company offers higher prices. Actually, their prices are very competitive and you can choose prom dresses at different price ranges based on your budget. Besides, various promotions and discount codes are launched to further reduce your cost and deep discounts are often offered on shipping. See the latest Lightinthebox coupon codes here >>

2014 Cheap Prom Dresses at Lightinthebox.com
Image courtesy of Lightinthebox.com


Milanoo.com: These years I never miss out Milanoo.com when I mention the best online shops of special occasion dresses based in China. It is not as famous as Lightinthebox.com on the global market in the sphere of tailoring and offering women’s dresses for various occasions, but it is run by an elite team of young talents and has been growing very fast since it was founded in 2008. Witnessing the robust growth of the site, I personally believe that they value customer experience very much and I have been seeing how hard they are trying to improve their services for global buyers. Currently they have added 1288 items into their prom dresses category – it is quite a big number. Besides selling prom dresses for standard sizes, they also have a wide range of plus size prom dresses. In particular, they have a select collection of 2014 prom dresses that are categorized into short prom dresses, asymmetrical prom dresses, beaded prom dresses, printed prom dresses and prom dresses under $100.

2014 Cheap Prom Dresses at Milanoo.com
Images courtesy of Milanoo.com

Their pricing options are various, too. It is easy to find superior prom dresses made in better fabrics that are available at above $200 but at the same time, it is never a tricky task to spot a stylish prom dress under $100 there. This store seldom releases extra coupon codes for promotional purposes. Discounted prom dresses are usually showcased with prices reduced by a certain degree of discount. Just pay attention to the discount labels printed on the product images. You can take also advantage of the various themed sales or Daily Madness zone to find best deals on 2014 prom dresses there.


Didobridal.com: What Didobridal.com impresses me most are the hard-to-resist graceful styles in prom dresses, evening dresses cocktail dresses and other special occasion dresses. They are so focused on party dresses that you can rarely find any other un-related products there, excepting their hot category of lingerie such as corsets. Almost all homepage space is used to showcase beautiful dresses, which are so attractive that we can hardly move our eyes. The prices they offer are equally attractive. Most of the prom dresses there are available at around $150 and it is super easy to find prom dresses under $100 there. Coupon codes are launched in the long run for further saving. Just visit their homepage and you can usually find two coupon codes with a specific discount based on an order value threshold. For example, the currently valid coupon codes of Didobridal.com are:

Coupon Code:  
Discount Description: Extra $10 off Orders of $169 or More
End Date: March 17, 2014

Discount Code:  
Discount Description: Extra $15 off Orders of $199 or More
End Date: March 17, 2014

Sometimes, free shipping is also offered on select prom dresses or other dresses for a limited time only.
2014 Cheap Prom Dresses at Didobridal.com
Images courtesy of Didobridal.com

The Chinese stores mentioned above are the best places to shop for 2014 cheap prom dresses, though they still have their own pros and cons compared to each other. It all depends on what you care most. Lightinthebox.com is the biggest of the four and it is the most professional in this field with its own designers, dressmakers and models. Milanoo.com and Amormoda.com have plenty of styles to choose from and their prices are easy to afford. Didobridal.com, on the other hands, is small but dependable. It is a store where you can purchase discounted prom dresses anytime.

Note that these sites all charge an extra fee if you choose to have your dress custom-made based on your specific sizes instead of the standard sizes. The charging standards are clearly displayed at the most noticeable place of the product description page. The shipping time required varies from store to store based on different shipping companies and shipping destinations. Likewise, you can check this kind of information on the product page. The following is the approximate tailoring and handling time each store requires for a prom dress:

  • Amormoda.com: 9-11 business days
  • Lightinthebox.com: 15-15 business days
  • Milanoo.com: 11-16 business days
  • Didobridal.com: 15-20 business days

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