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Some people are complaining either on forums or blog comments that is a scam, and as a webmaster of, I’ve made careful research on these complaints trying to find some useful information for our readers. So far, to my best knowledge, I find that these scam complaints can be summarized as three major types:

  • Complaints about Lightinthebox customer service: slow response, unprofessional service representative, inefficient live chat system, etc;
  • Complaints about Lightinthebox products: poor quality, not completely as described, weak after-sales technical support, etc;
  • Complaints about Lightinthebox shipping service: not as fast as advertised, etc.

However, interesting enough,  if you read carefully any of  the above complaints against LightInTheBox, you will see a lot more thumb-up comments, who claimed they had bought some item from and are very satisfactory with their purchase with LightInTheBox in terms of item quality, customer service, shipping speed, after-sales support, or any other aspect.

Besides, as I’ve learnt from McAfee, the authoritative organization providing certification service on the security of websites, LightInTheBox is undergoing their intensive, daily security scan. As we can see, many famous online stores in America have also been being certified by McAfee. Under this protection, you won’t encounter any dangerous sites, phishing, and other online dangers when shopping on LightInTheBox.

So my conclusion is, like many other online stores, LightInTheBox may still have many improvements to make, but it is definitely not a scam website. To learn more about LightInTheBox, read our review about Light In The Box online store or visit bridesmaid promotion

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67 Responses to “Is LightInTheBox A Scam?”

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  1. Elizabeth Says:

    not sure if this a scam? this is my second time trying to purchase something and I received this message from them after trying to purchase about $100 worth of stuff.

    Dear Customer,
    We need your help in verifying you’re the owner of the card used to place your order with
    Please reply to this ticket, or email, with the following:
    -A photo* of the credit card used to place this order
    -A copy of the cardholder’s ID, such as a passport or driver’s license
    *The photo must clearly show the cardholder’s name and the last four digits of the card number. We recommend using your cellphone camera or another high quality camera as well as adequate lighting to ensure image clarity. To protect the security of your personal financial information, you may want to cover up all other information on the card. For reference, please see these example photos.
    Please reply within 10 days. We cannot continue processing your payment without this information. After 10 days, we will regretfully cancel and refund your order in full.
    This information is needed for payment verification purposes only. It will be kept strictly confidential and will not be stored after the payment is verified. We understand you may be uncomfortable sharing this information, and if so, are ready to assist you with a cancellation and full refund.
    Payment verifications help protect all cardholders and merchants from the threat of increasing international fraud. strives to guarantee the security of all our transactions, and we thank you for your support and prompt assistance in service of that goal.
    After hring back from you, we look forward to immediately continuing with your order to prevent any further delay or inconvenience to you.
    Thank you for shopping with, and please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

    June 18, 2015 06:25 AM

  2. Michael Says:

    BEEN SCAMMED!! Order 2 items and never received anything. Impossible to get in touch with sent several emails and not one response back. I will not send all of my personal info. to these people, that is CRAZY! and they do not need all of that info. anyway. NEVER EVER AGAIN! BEWARE, STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ibrahim Says:

    I have purchased many times from LTIB and I have never faced any problem.

    I paid through PayPal and these my Experiences with the site.

    I found it good site and send every period rewards from 4-12$

  4. Sherry Says:

    I bought a very cheap mouse from lightinthebox. It is almost free, so when I found that it was broken, I don’t care. However, after three months, I encountered the credit card fraud with the same credi card I used on their website. Before that purchase, I haven’t used that credit card for more than one year. After that purchase, I did not use it anymore. That’s why I highly suspect the website might be the reason. Be careful.

  5. Elham, Says:

    Dear China sale reviews,

    we have ordered some items from, from Denmark. They deducted the money from our credit card, but they never shipped the items…. and now there is no way to contact them… there are no telephone numbers or online chat or anything else. and They do not answer the emails….
    we have ordered from the email address :, and the credit card holder: Alireza Vafaei Naeini

    I appreciate if you could show us a way…..

    best regards

  6. Panagiotis Baziotopoulos Says:

    Light in the box offers good products at extremely low prices…

    It is definitely NOT a SCAM…

  7. Cecily Says:

    Light In The Box is NOT a SCAM site. I have been ordering from them for about 5yrs and have been very satisfied with my purchases. I can’t speak about quality of electronic items but I can speak for the quality of clothing and shoes. Wedding dresses…beautiful, well made and excellent quality. Their custom fit dresses are excellent. Dance shoes are of excellent quality. Now here are a few things you need to keep in mind when ordering for Light in the Box…

    1. Order processing time vs shipping times
    2. Customs..they can hold up your order regardless of the type of expedition fees you have paid.
    3. Clothing sizes do not align with US at the sizing chart and order the size that coincides with your measurements. Don’t allow the sizing to throw you off.
    4. Please read and re-read the description of a product and if it doesn’t make sense then call customer service.
    5. If they are telling you they can’t ship something to you because your address is unverified through PayPal, don’t get upset at them please contact Paypal and do the verification. They are doing this to protect you not to be offend you.
    Shipping has gotten a lot faster over the years but these are not the type of companies you want to order from when you need/want your merchandise fast…remember most things go through customs.

  8. jim Says:

    I have purchased clothing and 50 plus LED light bulbs. redid the home in LED lights. over the past year.
    I had a couple of bulbs of one style quit to soon. but at the super low price $ 2.50 to $ 14.99 at Home Depot, not bad.
    The clothes , what do you want for $ 10.00 – Gucci ? look ok to me.
    Yes shipping is slow and tracking does not work.
    that why it is so cheep, plain packaging , slow delivery.

  9. cheap knock offs suitable for Halloween costumes. Says:

    I ordered two luxury coats. Instead I received two cheap knock offs suitable for Halloween costumes.
    Misleading quality
    Cheep, cheep fabric
    Poor sewing
    Wrong sizing

    I took pictures of the coats and compare with the provided pictures from the store.

    Avoid ordering from

    They relay on the fact that no one will return the products because of shipping cost.

    Lightinthebox is definitely a SCAM…

  10. shawonda Says:

    I just ordered about 40 $ worth of items and I hope I don’t get ripped off I planed on getting more stuff but after reading these comment am afraid I may had used a bogus sight. if everything go well this will be a sight I recommend to all my friends and family

  11. DJ Says:

    ShytInTheBox IS a total gook scam! I ordered what they showed, a PS3 controller, over a MONTH ago, it is still NOT here! It doesn’t take that long to fly around the fkn globe 4 times! So where is it? They only gave some BOGUS tracking number that has never worked, their cust serv is by far one of the WORST on the planet out of ANY company! These scam artist chink fks are never going to send me shyt, but they sure greedily took my money really fast! Pay Pal WILL be refunding me ASAP! And watch now, they will come here and give some total BS lip service nonsense, like gooks LOVE to do! Ahhh preeze, No sue, we pay you bahk chop-chop! I WISH I had know it was a gook dink chink company BEFORE I ordered! I also wish I knew how bad these clowns really are! And I’ll bet THEY pay for this entire page that tries to lie and say they aren’t a scam!

  12. fatou Says:

    I ordered £285 worth of shoes, clothes, and luxury coats. First they told me I will receive products with in 3-4 working days and it took 2-3 weeks. And when my stuff arrive for delivery by DHL,I had to pay £85 Custom duties fee which they never tell you about.And Instead I received really cheap cheap fabric that is not suitable to wear at all. They are very misleading on there website, everything on there is not the same product or quality. They are all made badly, Poor quality,Poor sewing,Wrong sizing etc

    I took pictures to compare with the pictures provided on there website and nothing is the same.

    Avoid ordering from

    Lightinthebox are thief’s a SCAM…and should not be allowed to do business.

  13. Uyen Says:

    A scam is a scam. “not as advertised ” is a fucking scam. removing reviews is a scam. not able to work with customer is a scam. if they need improvement then put “shipment may be delayed for approx 2 weeks” due to…. or give a tracking number where it is easily accessed. anything that is shadyis a scam. do not hide this shameful business behind words like “needing to improve”. if a person lie then it is a lie. do they need to improve and stop lying? yes but they still LIE!! my shipment never arrived. been three weeks. do NOT buy from this site.

  14. Cody Says:

    Totally bogus website. Product never came they took my money. They lie about how to submit trouble tickets to make it seem like a real site.

  15. Seth Says:

    Lightinthebox is a scam. A huge scam that can cover their tracks very well. I placed a huge order on some equipment, spent over two hundred dollars. I had to throw away nearly every item. Then when I posted the quality of the products individually. They deleted each of my reviews and did not allow me to review the item again. Do. Not. Buy. From. Them. I didn’t even get some of my items. They said the items shipped seperate.. it was shipped by “nltpost” which isn’t even a real thing. They are thieves and I will do all I can to spread the word and warn people about them.

  16. Khalid Says:

    Lightinthebox is scam..!!
    Never use this site !!! Be careful never buy anything. I have tried to buy above 800€ dress. They immediately deducted the money from credit card, but refused to send the items because of payment verification. I cancelled the order, it is now more then one month. They never returned the money.
    They will rip you off. Be careful.

  17. steve Says:

    I have purchased ,what was advertised as A “WEB CAM” to use it for SKYPE , according to the add it was supposed to be working camera with USB plug and mike and various tech. details on their WEB SITE.
    When “camera” arrived it was without any sort of instructions that would have my computer to
    recocnize it in cheap box stating it was a “NOVELTY ITEM” .Even at 7.99 it is an expensive novelty ,and I think ,YES, LIGHT IN THE BOX IS ANOTHER CHINESE SCAM WEB OUTLET.

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