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Zaful is a huge Chinese site offering apparel. Its global Alexa ranking is at around 3000. Some of its customers come from Europe. The Zaful site also provides French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and other languages. The major products offered by Zaful include swimwear, activewear, dresses, tops and more. There are more than 3000 styles of swimsuits at Zaful, such as Bikinis, one-piece swimwear, Tankinis, cover ups, kids swimwear, etc.

Zaful Swimwear

Zaful Swimwear

The prices of swimwear at Zaful are offered mainly at between $10 and $20. The pricing is highly competitive. Copshe offers swimwear with its own branding, while Zaful is focused on swimming apparel with no brands. From the pictures of the swimwear for sale at Zaful, you might find them look similar to swimsuits of some brands. In fact, they are not belonging to the brands. Taking advantage of Chinese garment production capacities, Zaful is able to provide swimwear at low prices.

It is very likely to buy unfitting suits from China-based shopping website. Compared to the strict sizing of suits, swimwear require less precise sizing. So it is a good choice to buy swimwear from China-based sites. Among the variety of swimming apparel at Zaful, you will definitely find the swimwear of your desire. Besides, Zaful offers free shipping on orders of over $30. Even if you just buy one piece of swimsuit at less than $30, you only need to pay $5 shipping fee. In this article you can find all the latest Zaful promotion codes. Just give them a try to see if any coupon code fits your order.

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