Mar 07

Now on, a selection of interesting solar powered gadgets are on promotion and offered with remarkable discounts. These solar powered gadgets feature cool looks, environmental-friendliness and are very useful for everyday life–all can be good choices for gifting one’s family or friends. Prices for the solar powered gadgets range from US$11.67 to US$1.69 and no minimum order quantity is required. Besides, all are offered with free shipping. This means you can buy a piece of an item and have it shipped to your door for as low as US$1.69, without any shipping cost! Sounds unbelievable? But it’s 100% true. Still have doubts? Take a look at the promotion and try placing an order, then you will find the truth by yourself.

The Solar Powered Gadgets selection mainly includes:

1. Solar Powered Flip Flap Flower Plants


2. Solar Energy Charger for iPod MP3 Players


3. Solar Battery Power Pack for iPhone 2G/3G


4. Solar Powered Flashlight Keychains


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  1. iPhone Repair Dubai says:

    Best way to use and enjoy these solar gadgets. good to define things.

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