May 23

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$800 OFF for Wemax Nova (refurbished)

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Expired Date: June 16, 2023
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$200 OFF for Wemax Go 300 ANSI

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Expired Date: June 17, 2023
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$600 OFF for Wemax Dice 700 ANSI

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Expired Date: June 16, 2023
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WEMAX® is a NY-based technology company with the mission to provide shared rich, visual experiences wherever you go. WEMAX provides one-stop solutions to deliver visual applications like ALPD® laser projectors, portable projectors, LED projectors and more, that are intelligently connected with your home and business. WEMAX® is the sub-company of Appotronics®, who is an international tech group, the listed company in China and famous for ALPD® laser technology with over 2000+ Intelligent Patents and Properties. ALPD®, namely the fluorescent laser technology, is used for image display based on the laser-excited fluorescent materials and mixed multi-color laser lines.

WEMAX creates revolutionary solutions with advanced ALPD® laser technology since 2006, so you can create and share rich, visual experiences and maximize them anywhere anytime. WEMAX products create that special moment to enrich the day-to-day aspects of life.

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