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The 2011 April Fool’s Day is coming soon! For store owners of toys, it’s time to find top 2011 April Fool’s Day deals to boost revenues. And we are here to help. As a review website doing long-term research on the variety of China wholesale shopping websites, we always try our best to dig out the latest great offers for interested parties.

Plastic Insect Shaped Toys Electric Shock Gadgets

The best April Fool’s Day toys are generally novelty toys able to create pranks, hoaxes and laughs. In order to earn best margins, re-sellers also put pricing at top priority when sourcing such toys. In addition to considering the regular prices available on the wholesale sites, buyers should take advantage of the promotional offers launched by these websites too. So far, some wholesale shopping websites have already released their special promotions for 2011 April Fool’s Day.

Top 2011 April Fool’s Day Deals from

The 2011 April Fool’s Day sale at AliExpress will last from Mar. 4 to Mar. 24. As international delivery normally takes 5-7 business days, as long as you order before the deadline you will be able to receive the toys in time for your business. The 2011 April Fool’s Day toys on sale there are all offered at super low wholesale prices which have been significantly slashed down for the campaign, ranging from $0.37 to $15.66. Plus, free shipping is available on 99% of the toys.

2011 April Fool's Day Deals from AliExpress

In terms of variety, AliExpress should be the biggest wholesale shopping website for stocking up on toys for 2011 April Fool’s Day. The promotional toys at AliExpress are classified neatly into three sub-categories: squeeze toys & other item, electric shock toys and fun toys. Each sub-category includes a selection of innovative items that are perfect for April Fool’s Day.

Please note that AliExpress is a wholesale transaction platform and the items for sale there are offered by different suppliers. Generally, AliExpress selects premium suppliers who have a proven record of good reputation and lists their items for each promotion. So you can be confident when shopping with these sellers and don’t have to worry about any security issues.

Top 2011 April Fool’s Day Deals from

The LightInTheBox collection of 2011 April Fool’s Day deals covers an array of cute and funky items for wicked tricks. Though the options for styles are relatively limited, each April Fool’s Day item there is innovative enough to evoke a lot of laughers or, screams. Most of the April Fool’s Day gadgets are priced at under $10 USD and free shipping is available. Here are some of the best April Fool’s Day deals from LightInTheBox:

Solar Cockroach Plastic Snakes Magic Clowns

If the above mentioned top 2011 April Fool’s Day deals are helpful for you, we will be really flattered. We are still trying to spot more great deals for 2011 April Fool’s Day and will update with the latest deals from more wholesale shopping websites as soon as they come out. So, just come back regularly for the updates!

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