Jan 13

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15% OFF

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Expired Date: December 31, 2020
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Up to 15% OFF for One Month Stories

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Expired Date: March 31, 2020
Get up to 15% off for One Month Stories at Tellinga.com.

Up to 15% OFF for Two Week Stories

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Expired Date: February 29, 2020
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$9.99 for One Day Cards

$9.99 for One Day Cards at Tellinga.

Tellinga creates personalized stories as one of a kind gifts with customized illustrations through traditional mail. Story recipients receive hand-drawn stories about themselves based on unique preferences. It can be fun, dramatic, thoughtful… anything! We live in such a digital world these days as we are always emailing, text messaging and following each other’s social media accounts. Things such as traditional snail mail have somewhat been forgotten and for those that still frequently check the mailbox are often disappointed by the number of bills or junk mail. Tellinga offers a way to tap back into the tangible and traditional by providing a product that you can touch and feel on a deeper level rather than staring at another screen. Your mailbox isn’t dead – it’s more alive than ever! Tellinga sends 100% personalized hand-drawn greeting cards that tell your story as unique gifts by snail mail.

For more information, please visit Tellinga.com

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