Jul 13

Soufeel initiated jewelry “For Every Memorable Day”. The brand has tens of millions of fans all around the world. Its site has been translated into various languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and more. At Facebook and YouTube, many users are sharing their Soufeel charms purchased.

People all like Pandora. However, many can only stand in awe before the high prices for Pandora charms. Then, what will come out if we compare Soufeel with Pandora?

This Youtube video compares the Pandora charm bracelets with the Soufeel Pandora charm bracelets.

And here are the sum-ups:

  • Soufeel is a cheaper yet a good version of Pandora
  • Both of them have great quality.
  • Comparing the prices, Soufeel is a winner.
  • Comparing the quality, Pandora is the winner at a small difference.
  • Diversity: both are winners.

Some believe Soufeel charms differ just slightly from Pandora charms. Some Soufeel charms are even more attractive than the Pandora charms.

Soufeel Photo Charms

Soufeel Photo Charms

One great attraction of Soufeel is their personalized jewelry. You can put your photos into the charms. This is really meaningful. There is a variety of charms in different topics and colors to choose from. The charms are fun and interesting. Both bracelets and necklaces can use these charms.

In terms of craftsmanship and quality, Soufeel is nearly the same to Pandora. Nevertheless, the Soufeel pricing is only 30%-50% of the Pandora pricing. Besides, the Soufeel charms are completely compatible with the Pandora bracelets. If you buy a Pandora bracelet and accessorize it with about 10 Soufeel charms, you can save 50% or so. Our site provides Soufeel coupon codes. They can help you save extra 10% for any order on Soufeel charms and other products.

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