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100% OFF for Free AquaSlim (above 40£)

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Up to 67% OFF for FIRST Minute Slimming

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Up to 50% OFF for Valentine's Day Offers

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Up to 67% OFF for Vitamina D3 4000 IU

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Expired Date: January 31, 2021
Get up to 67% off for Vitamina D3 4000 IU at is currently active on 18 European markets. Its brand portfolio consists of a wide array of supplements for beauty, slimming, general health and well being, teeth whitening, detox and sport. Its mission is to help people lead healthier lives and achieve their personal health goals.

Products from its 5 main brands are based on natural ingredients combined with the latest in scientific research.

Sensilab is a brand focused on general health and well-being as well as detox and slimming. SlimJOY is all about slimming and detox – it’s aimed at the general population that doesn’t go to the gym every day. TummyTox is a brand that connects the most to the millennial girls, with its slimming, beauty and detox product lines. Powgen is its fitness line for spectacular results. A perfect addition to your workout! Brilliant Slim ​​is a modern, lifestyle brand that aims to inspire body transformation results with its carefully selected, high quality slimming products.

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