Oct 22

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$20 OFF for IZEAx & BrandGraph

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$20 OFF for IZEAx Discovery : Search Influencers

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Expired Date: December 31, 2021
Get $20 off for IZEAx Discovery : Search Influencers at IZEA.com.

$50 for Shake : Hire Instagram Influencers

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$50 for Shake : Hire Instagram Influencers at IZEA.com.

IZEA is the originators of influencer marketing. IZEA started in 2006 to help bloggers get paid for promoting the products they love, and nearly 4 million influencer payments later IZEA has created a revolution!

IZEA’s influencers range from celebrities to college students & everyone in between. IZEA helps them earn money through content sponsorships on platforms including TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Snap, Instagram, YouTube and more. IZEA’s brand customers include many of the Fortune 500, including the world’s biggest retailers. IZEA has three great products.

SHAKE (shake.izea.com)

Shake is IZEA’s subscription-free public marketplace for creators & marketers to transact. Think of it like Etsy, but for influencer marketing. Creators who sign up to Shake are able to post their offerings for free. This gives them a public listing page for Marketers to find & hire them, which is great for SEO and visibility of any creator. Marketers can search & sort the listings from influencers & creators of all types, including designers, voice over artists, photographers & more.

IZEAx Discovery (izea.com/influencer-search/)

IZEAx Discovery is a comprehensive influencer search solution enhanced by A.I. & machine learning. This platform can help agencies & brands take their influencer programs to the next level. Marketers can search over 12 million influencers and 1.3 billion pieces of content to find the perfect match for their brand. Influencer profiles include audience insights, content analysis, benchmarking & more.

BrandGraph (brandgraph.izea.com)

BrandGraph is IZEA’s exclusive social media intelligence platform. Marketers use BrandGraph to help identify social media marketing opportunities, search & compare trends on brands & understand the pop culture landscape. Powerful in-depth PDF reports provide marketers with unparalleled insights into categorical rank, engagement, reach, share of voice & the biggest influencers.

For more information, please visit IZEA.com.

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