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If you, like many brides-to-be, want to get a fabulous wedding dress that wont’ cost you an arm and a leg for you big day, I would suggest you shop directly with Chinese suppliers. Likewise, if you are a wedding apparel store owner looking for stable and reliable business partners who can supply you with high-margin wedding dresses, you must know where to shop for trendy but cheap wedding apparel. Being intended to introduce the largest manufacturing hubs of wedding apparel in China, this post may give you some inspiration.

Guangzhou Wedding Supply Street

Guangzhou Wedding Supply Street

The majority of wedding dresses, both for domestic trade and for foreign trade, come from Guangzhou and Suzhou, the largest manufacturing bases of wedding dresses and accessories.  For instance, the popular Chinese online supplier of wedding apparel Lightinthebox.com and Milanoo.com sources wedding dresses and accessories from some premium factories based in Suzhou or Guangzhou. Generally, the bigger online shopping websites cooperate with larger-sized factories for the production of wedding clothing while the smaller ones extensively with family-own workshops. That’s why wedding apparel offered by more famous sites are usually better in quality and thus more popular despite that they are a bit more expensive.

The two cities have their own pros and cons though. Comparatively, the wedding dresses produced in Guangzhou are generally superior to those in Suzhou in terms of fabrics and quality. At the same time, the prices are normally higher in Guangzhou than in Suzhou. However, craftsmanship standards of the two cities are quite the same or close.

On the Chinese wedding apparel market, it is widely recognized that Guangzhou is a better place to buy high-end or medium-end wedding gowns while Suzhou is better for medium-end and low-end wedding dresses. Either city, the wedding dresses supplied are extremely competitive in pricing on the global wholesale and retail market. Generally, the prices range from $100 to $400 based on designs, quality and craftsmanship. Also, it is never difficult to discover some beautiful wedding dresses for under $100 only. Compared with a $1000 wedding dress for sale at your local wedding apparel store, they are really cheap!

Suzhou Bridal Supply City

Suzhou Bridal Supply City

Nevertheless, China has few world-renowned wedding apparel manufacturers with top-rate designers. Instead, in order to attract customers, most factories or plants of wedding dresses imitate or copy the designer styles with some significant or minor changes in details. They usually call such dresses “designer inspired wedding dresses” or “celebrity inspired wedding dresses”. Truth be told, I personally never encourage any person to get into such a business as it is in the grey area of violating the laws. But I also know the pain that sometimes we are so in love with an amazing wedding gown a celebrity wears that we have to forget about something we do mind. When we can never afford celebrity style wedding dresses that may cost us years of salaries, finding a similar style is usually the best alternative to satisfy our desire for styling ourselves in what we love best on the special day.

Merchants are encouraged to pay a visit to Guangzhou and/or Suzhou and find some long-term cooperative partners after investigations and negotiations. On the other hand, for individual shoppers, it costs too much to go to any of the cities to buy a wedding dress. You need to pay extra money for the trip to the destination, the hotel as well as the translation. A wedding dress priced at $100 only may then turn out to be $2,100 or even more after all the fees are added. I am going to introduce the best online destinations to purchase stylish, quality but low-priced wedding gowns soon on this site. If you are interested in, please keep up-to-date with my updates.

13 Responses to “Guangzhou & Suzhou: The Largest Chinese Manufacturing Bases of Wedding Apparel”

  1. vicky Says:

    hello, i own a bridal store in Uganda and will be in Guangzhou next week on Monday ( 29th october 2012) am interested in only snow white wedding gowns and mermaid fitting. What are your price ranges? Thanks

  2. Admin Says:

    Hi Vicky,

    The prices for made-in-China wedding gowns can range from under $100 to $1,000. It all depends on the quality standards. You can take a look at the wedding dresses available at Lightinthebox.com or Milanoo.com for references. The two sites are very famous for selling quality wedding dresses at reasonable prices.


  3. Malala Says:

    Hi, I am interested in any high end wedding factory that produces very good designs. Can you tell me at least 3 of them?

  4. Admin Says:

    Hi there,

    As for your quetion, I’m afraid I can’t help as we are not familar with Chinese factories in details. We focus on talking about Chinese online shops, which have close relationship with factories. For high quality wedding apparel, I would personally suggest you take a good look at Lightinthebox.com and inquire them about your questions or concerns. You may get inspired there.

    Good luck!


  5. sharu Says:

    hi,,am enqiring if there are any chinese manufucturing companies willing to invest in Kenya by distributing wholesale clothes.i am not able to come to china,,bt they are willing and able to.so if you can find any clothing manufucture,am willing to do business where we can all benefit.i have enclosed my email address,,,get back pliz

  6. KL Says:

    I am looking for bridal shop for pre-wedding photography in China.
    May I know what is the price range?
    Do you have any information of the bridal shops? (eg: Website?)

    Thank you.


  7. Admin Says:

    Hi KL,

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    As for bridal shops, we recommend Lightinthebox.com and Milanoo.com. The former is best known for offering quality and stylish wedding dresses and other wedding products while the latter stands out by selling wedding supplies at unbeatable prices. Both stores are reliable based on our research.

    Note that our recommendations are just for your reference. Good luck with your shopping.


  8. Nilufar Shuja Says:


    My partner and I want to start a bridal shop in Afghanistan and want to visit both Suzhou and Guangzhou to visit wholesale suppliers we can partner with. Can you please send me information on exactly where (what areas) we should visit in each city? I just want a narrowed down area so we can better plan our visit.

    Many thanks,


  9. aniie Says:

    Hulloooo am a fashion designer looking to produce my designs of wedding dresses, am very keen on very high quality fabrics and workmanship, do u know any factories the can produce for me on a small scale? Thank you very much

  10. Devon Says:

    In fact, Suzhou may offer high quality and custom wedding dresses, and Huqiu is the largest wedding dress market you can find anything about wedding dress. There are thousands of factories in Suzhou but strong factories like JUSERE is not so many, if you need bulk of wedding dresses, Guangzhou may be better.

  11. Susan Says:

    I want to confirm if the sizes of wedding gowns in China are accurate, because I ordered a size 14 dress but it didn’t fit at all it seemed like a size 8 dress.

  12. sam Says:

    Hello,I want to know if the quality and price is good in Suzhou and can I have a contact there to arrange our stay and to visit the wedding dress market

  13. rehema Says:


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