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Expired Date: August 31, 2028
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Expired Date: October 31, 2024
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Expired Date: December 31, 2027
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Fluentalk is a sub-brand of Timekettle(founded in 2016). Founded in 2022, Fluentalk is mainly specialized in the research and development of handheld translators to meet more people’s translation needs. Fluentalk is committed to creating accurate, reliable, and affordable handheld translator products that solve people’s needs to communicate in different languages during their travels. As another masterpiece designed and developed by Timekettle team, Fluentalk T1 will always enable you to talk fluently with anyone you meet.

For more information, please visit Fluentalk.com.

One thought on “Fluentalk Coupon, Fluentalk.com Discount Code”

  1. Fluentalk T1 is Timekettle first generation of instant handheld language translator.

    Fluentalk T1 features:

    95% accuracy in 40 languages and 93 accents
    Offline translation for 8 languages
    Complimentary 2-year cellular data plan
    Image translation with 4-inch ultra-clear HD screen
    Innovative customized greeting sentences

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