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I have introduced a good number of China-based online electronic gadget stores at this site and more are being added to the category. is the latest one I’ve recently discovered and believes that it is a store worth being trusted by global buyers. My reasons are simple enough:

1. The store is honest and open-minded by making its contact information clearly known to the public.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, has 20 local warehouses in the USA, the UK, the mainland China, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Spain and more. It stated the office address (RM1202, 12/F, TUNG CHUN COMMERCIAL CENTRE, 438-444 SHANGHAI STREET, KOWLOON, HONGKONG) and phone service number (00 852 8191 5696) clearly at its official website. This needs courage and most Chinese stores won’t do that to avoid troubles. At the same time, this shows how open and honest the store is. It does not mind being further researched by buyers who have a chance to visit its working place. Anyway, I still guess it should also have offices in Shenzhen, the neighboring city with the largest quantity of electronic factories.

Limited time deals at

2. The store is experienced in selling electronic gadgets at well-known platforms.

Just like the popular Chinese gadget shop or, rooted its feet on the global market not from its own shopping website. Instead, it built its name from famous third-party transaction platforms like eBay. It has been making huge success from selling cheap but quality made-in-China consumer electronics at eBay since 2004. It is the ambition to expand its business scope that urges it to create its own shopping website, which can help the company to better offer services to its customers across the globe. After all, merchants have to abide to lots of rules and regulations established by trading sites such as eBay or Amazon and they have to pay commissions to these service providers. By using their own sites to sell products, their cost can be significantly reduced and thus be able to offer lower prices to benefit the customers.

3. The store offers free shipping on all orders.

Free shipping is honored by to most destinations around the world. This value-added service is nothing particular among Chinese electronic stores. But still, it is a plus to a store as people hate to calculate shipping fee and are commonly worried about having to bear high international shipping cost.

Note that if you choose its free shipping service, you choose Airmail by default, which takes 10-20 business days for a package to arrive at your doorstep. If you want faster shipping, you need to pay a discounted shipping fee. The expedited shipping method it provides takes 3-7 business days for delivery.

4. The website is secured by Norton (empowered by VeriSian).

This means you can be assured that the information you input into the site will be well protected. Your confidential information such as financial information won’t be seen or manipulated by unknown parties. Only legitimate shopping websites with capacities will put the safety of their customers at the top priority and are willing to spend money to ensure the protection.

5. The store offers discounted prices for wholesale orders.

A certain degree of discount will be offered if you order in bulk based on the specific order quantity. The more you order, the deeper the discount is. You can contact its wholesale sales people via any of the following means:

  • Tel: 00 (852) 8179 9781
  • Email:
  • Skype:
  • MSN:
  • Gtalk:

6. The store hosts an exclusive channel for auction deals.

Every day, several new deals are added to the Auction page and you can bid on the products you are interested in. If you successful win the bid, you may get an awesome deal at a price much lower than the market price.

Eachbuyer auction page

7. The customer service of the store is handy and easy to reach.

By providing multiple customer service means including live chat, email (, phone call, Skype, MSN and Gtalk, customers can find help from its service people easily. Besides, you can also visit its Facebook page or Twitter page to ask for help. For detailed contact info of the site, please click here.

8. Eachbuyer is not simply an electronic gadget store but also carries a wide range of novel and useful home and garden supplies, clothing and accessories for men, women and kids, health and beauty products and sporting goods.

It seems to be a hot trend for electronic gadget stores like to expand its business scope into more fields. The good thing about this is: customers can shop for lifestyle and home living products at one single site and save the hassles of hopping over different sites to place orders on different products.


Tips to get best deals on cool electronic gadgets at

1. Check out the Special Deals zone at its homepage as well as its Auction channel.

2. Search for valid coupon codes for a better saving.

6 Responses to “Eachbuyer: A Chinese Gadget Store Offering Worldwide Free Shipping”

  1. Obe says:

    Show item as in stock then over a week later after these clowns got payment they say NOT IN STOCK. Was THEIR! mistake and they now want to refund 70% of what I originally paid. NEVER AGAIN! Can’t warn you strong enough to STAY AWAY FROM THESE CLOWNS!

  2. John says:

    I recently purchased an item from EachBuy, and they charged me three times for it. No way of communicating with them via email or phone. They should rename their company EachSucker.

  3. steve says:

    Awful experience buying from

    Ordered, item slow to arrive, when Item did arrive it wasn’t as pictured and was a completely different item to the one ordered. Had to chase up a refund multiple times.

    Ever since then receive monthly spam from eachbuyer and they do not honour unsubscribe requests and customer service will say they will remove your email but then don’t.

    Wouldn’t go never them myself, the spam is bad enough but the fact they can’t even deliver what you order is very poor.

  4. Paul Witschey says:

    Buyers beware. Each buyer is selling counterfeit products without telling that in their advertisements. I purchased two Sony SBH-80 headsets and I did receive them, but they are counterfeit (Fake). I have been trying to send those items back to the seller but they refuse to pay for return shipping claiming the item are authentic. I own the authentic headsets and I know that these ones are fake because they are different than the authentic ones, and because Sony would never sell products with a case that has the Sony logo printed in such a bad way, and with a case that is so badly printed.

    Eachbuyer has a return policy that claims they will pay for shipping back when you receive the incorrect item, but they won’t honor it for counterfeit goods.

    This is my worse experience buying goods on the internet for more than a decade, and I buy a lot of stuff online. So I would stay away from this site if I were you.

    This is how their incorrect items received policy reads, yet they won’t honor it for sending you FAKE / Counterfeit items:

    • Return Incorrect Item Received

    If the item you received is completely different from the one you ordered, please contact us via our Client Service Express and provide us the picture proof of the error.
    If return is necessary, replacement plus shipping cost reimbursement will be issued to you on receipt of return proof.

  5. Donna J Berjettej says:

    You state, and I quote, “…Headquartered in Hong Kong, has 20 local warehouses in the USA.” The address sticker on my package states it came from Switzerland?! So I see why it took from (free shipping, but, as a paying customer, I still should be treated with respect) May 5th to June 2nd for my product to arrive (I live in Oregon).

    And when my package did arrive it was in a flimsy plastic bag that was loosely taped shut. Ow! they did bother to take the time to half wrap them (two bluetooth headsets) in a thin piece of styrofoam and another piece of tape!

    Both of the items inside were crushed so flat that the containers were ruined and parts of the contents were spilled out in the flimsy bag.

    When I try out one of the headsets guess what?! It does not stay connected, nor does it have a good wireless range. Move your head in the wrong direction, or step just a few feet away from the source device and the sound gets distorted and breaks up! I just emailed the company on June 3rd, so no complaints about that–yet. So far? Not happy with this company at all!!

  6. David Greenaway says:

    Investigation of Huge Best Ltd

    We have a report that an advert on website is misleading and contravenes the mis-description of goods act.

    Also funds were requested to be deposited in BW Bank Stuttgart, Germany .

    There are no means to cancel or modify an order on the site.

    The advertised “eachbuyer UK Office” phone number is not answered,

    the address of this office is not registered as business premises – it is a residential flat.

    The Watford UK council are currently investigating reports of business use of residential premises and now have information relating to 40 asian companies using the same flat as their uk address.

    The description is on

    RC Quadcopters
    QR X350PRO
    Source of power:
    Configuration Type:
    Left Hand Throttle
    Control Distance(meter):
    Channel number(ch):
    11.1V 5200mAh
    Flight Time(minutes):
    Charging Time(minutes):

    Product Description
    1. Brand new GPS flight control system, ultra-stable aerial camera shooting, by adopting new core processing technology, get the throttle stick back to the middle position, the aircraft can realize GPS positioning hovering.
    2. Super long flight time, up to 25 minutes, more enjoyable flying. New high-performance large-capacity 5200mAh lithium battery, easy to maintain, safe and reliable.
    3. Compatible with G-2D brushless gimbal, more professional aerial camera shooting.
    4. Compatible with Ilook megapixel camera + video camera, easy for FPV aerial camera shooting.
    5. Professional 10-channel remote control, the remote control distance is up to 2 km.
    Main rotor diameter: 556 mm
    Main rotor length: 206 mm
    Body length: 289 mm, width: 289 mm, height: 200 mm
    Motor specifications: brushless motor (WK-WS-28-008C)
    ESC specifications: WST-15A (G / R)
    Package contents: 1 x QR X350PRO aircraft
    Package dimension: 545 x 355 x 115 mm
    1 x Aircraft
    1 x Global adapter
    In original package

    The description is on

    The argument
    The goods were ordered on the basis of the description, describing a battery giving 25 minutes flying time and a remote control having 10 channels with a 2km range (presumed to be Walkera Devo10)

    Later concern was raised when the meaning of configuration BNF was questioned.

    this has no defined meaning in english, but may be used to mean without having most items.

    The item is offered as having a left hand throttle,
    Throttles (left or right hand) are ONLY found on the remote control unit l, so a remote control is being advertised.
    The range is advertised (2 km.)
    and is specific to the Devo 10 remote controller ( the devo 7 has 500 metres and the devo 12 has 1.5 km). It is not a feature of the quadcopter without a remote control

    So again the specification is solely for the remote control (which may therefore be presumed to be included)

    The fligh time is stated to

    examination of shows 23 slang meanings of BNF

    later research revealed BNF can mean a plane sold without a remote control

    It is not possible to cancel the order through the website. The UK office phone rings but is not answered.

    Money has gone to BW Bank Stuttgart, Germany to pay for order number 2014112300577945 on 11/23/2014 fom D*******y 437.19 EUR

    Mr D*******y would rather cancel this order and replace it with order for a complete system this is in
    order number 2014112700588645 11/27/2014 D*****y 524.32 EUR

    If agree to this,
    Mr D***********y will immediately pay the extra 87.13 Euros
    to Huge Best Ltd account in BW bank in Germany.

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