DHgate Jerseys Shopping Guide


On the internet, some people are asking about the jerseys available on DHgate—that’s why I decide to write a guide to shopping DHgate jerseys. It is always tough to buy items from a huge wholesale website like DHgate, especially when you are not confident enough in the website yet. Hope this article can be some of help for DHgate jersey buyers.

Basic knowledge about DHgate jerseys:

  1. There are all together about 25536 items in the jerseys category offered on DHgate by various Chinese wholesalers.
  2. DHgate jerseys include a wide range of jerseys for all important sports event. The hottest jerseys are NFL jerseys, MLB jerseys, NHL jerseys, NBA jerseys, NCAA jerseys, International soccer league jersey, etc. To find out the type of jerseys you want, search the related keywords in the search box on the top of the DHgate homepage.
  3. The prices for the jerseys differ with quality, wholesale quantity and sellers, ranging from several bucks per piece to tens of bucks per piece. All jerseys there are offered at wholesale prices–most commonly, the bigger your purchase order, the lower the price.
  4. The jerseys on DHgate are of different levels of quality. It’s hard to tell the quality of jerseys there offered by different sellers, but you can read the item description of each piece of jersey carefully and contact the seller to confirm the material and workmanship. By doing so, you will be able to get evidence in your favor once a dispute occurs between you and the seller.
  5. Some jerseys sellers require a small minimum order quantity of 3 or more, but some do not require any minimum order quantity at all.
  6. Some jerseys suppliers offer dropshipping service, which is usually specified in the item title or item description. For details on how they dropship your orders, you need to communicate the seller for all your concerns.
  7. Some wholesalers provide free shipping service on their jerseys, but some do not. You need to read the shipping cost tab on the item description page.
  8. Most of the jerseys on DHgate are offered by factories or manufactures directly.

To shop smart the jerseys on DHgate.com, I would suggest you make your best choices based on the above basics about DHgate jerseys. Please note that price is never the only guarantee for higher margin, quality accounts for an equally important part of your success in selling jerseys. Also, don’t forget to count in the additional values available on DHgate jerseys, e.g. free shipping, dropshipping, etc.

2 thoughts on “DHgate Jerseys Shopping Guide”

  1. From your experience, who’re the best DHgate jersey suppliers for each? NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, and High School Basketball (Kobe Lower Merrion, etc.) It would be greatly appreciated.


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