Jun 21

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40% OFF for Painter Essentials 8

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10% OFF for Painter Essentials

Get 10% off for Painter Essentials at Painterartist.com.

Painterartist.com is the official website for Painter family of products. Corel® Painter™ offers tools and options that are designed specifically for artists familiar with traditional media and techniques. Corel Painter’s brushes make it an exceptionally powerful digital painting tool. Another option that makes Corel Painter really shine is the ability to create custom palettes. The best part of using a program like Corel Painter, of course, is that when you’re done, there’s no clean up. It allows you to experiment with numerous (and often expensive) tools and techniques, without the mess and expense of their real world counterparts. You can buy Corel digital and photo painting software and Painter Apps at Painterartist.com.

Whether you’re a beginner digital artist making the switch from traditional tools, or a veteran Wacom® warrior, there comes a time when you start looking at digital painting programs and wondering which one is right for you. If you’re a traditional artist looking to try out digital art for the first time, Corel Painter provides a natural transition. If you’re a veteran digital artist and are tired of the limited brush options that photo editing programs provide, Corel Painter gives you the opportunity to expand your toolset immeasurably.

For more information, please visit Painterartist.com.

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