May 19

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Brazyn Life is impassioned to help people accomplish their fitness goals through innovative, high-quality, and convenient products. Its flagship product the Morph Collapsible Foam Roller is portable, packable, storable, and multi-functional.

Invented by a former NFL player, Nate Lawrie, The Morph is among the most relied on self-maintenance tools for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and mobility seekers. The Morph is the world’s only collapsible foam roller. The Morph is a standard size roller with a collapsible core. It is the best foam roller for travel, yoga, pilates, general fitness, and general health.

Brazyn Life also offers other innovative and useful products including the Morph Stick, Brazyn Mobility Strap. And Brazyn Life even offers washable, protective Morph skins for the Morph Foam Roller.

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