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China Wholesale Website BrandsDragon.com

If you are confused about whether BrandsDragon.com and DavisMicro.com belong to the same company, you are not alone. Recently we found on our site that some readers asked the same questions: what is the relation between DavisMicro and BrandsDragon? Why I can’t visit www.davismicro.com anymore but was directed to www.brandsdragon.com every time? I bought something on DavisMicro.com before but now I am asked to use my DavisMicro account on Brandsdragon.com, should I trust the new website? …

To help such readers learn the truth, here we would like to introduce to you some information about BrandsDragon and DavisMicro. Actually, the two domain names belong to the same company and are used for the same website. Now whether you input www.davismicro.com or www.brandsdragon.com in the address box in any browser, you will land on the site www.brandsdragon.com.

The company has stopped using the domain name DavisMicro.com for their online shopping business anymore. Instead, they use the new name BrandsDragon.com. Anyway, to minimize the inconvenience this may cause to their old customers, they maintain the old account information as well as product information on the new site. For old DavisMicro users, you can still use the old account to log in, make purchases and do anything you can do there before. Also, if you have added some product URLs of Davis Micro into your favorites, you don’t need to change the URLs as they can still work as before. For example, if you enter the product URL http://www.davismicro.com/Notebook-UMPC-MID-st1-sid95.html into the browser, you will successfully enter the page without any change. Likewise, if you change the main domain name “davismicro” into “brandsdragon” and enter http://www.brandsdragon.com/Notebook-UMPC-MID-st1-sid95.html, you will find that you enter the same page.

Now, are you clear yet? BrandsDragon.com and DavisMicro.com are just different domain names directing to the same online shopping website. They both belong to the company DavisMicro. As a professional China-based wholesale electronics online shop, Brandsdragon.com has a huge range of cheap electronics that are offered at competitive wholesale prices. It’s definitely a legitimate Chinese wholesale company so you can be confident that you won’t be ripped off or scammed if you trade with the shop.

For more detailed introduction to Brands Dragon, you can read DavisMicro Review: A China Wholesale Shopping Store for Cell Phones and Electronics.

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7 Responses to “BrandsDragon or DavisMicro?”

  1. Donna Campbell says:


  2. Donna Campbell says:

    I ordered two tops on August 6 and my messaged said they had been released and shipped… well I still have not received them and can find nowhere to inquire…. any suggestions?

  3. Andrea Taylor says:

    You have reached the wrong team at Pay Pal,you needed to get Pay Pal Security and they should have been more helpful, and i never use a credit card,always Pay Pal and once i got scammed and after filing a Pay Pal complaint form and not much happening-i actually rang PP and thats when i was told about PP Security Division–good luch and always do a google search on any company you have never used before

  4. Misty says:

    I purchased some clothes from a website called Dresslily. They sale ridiculously cheap clothes from somewhere in Asia. Anyway, when I purchased the clothes using my paypal account, the information on my bank account reads: PAYPAL *DAVISMICRO 402-935-7733 CA

    Now I am having difficulties with the tracking number they gave me.

  5. victor says:

    Bought two cellphones, three wrist watches, one headphones and an xbox360 remote control at davismicro.com and/or brandsdragon.com, all items showing at their web page as “in stock”, my items were supposed to arrive 7-14 days after I bought the items, at least that was what their web page said. Thirteen days later, and after they charged in full my credit card for all items ordered (which they did immediately after I bought the items), I was contacted via email by a guy/girl/whatever named Jianli Deng with email service4@davismicro.com just to tell me that a cellphone and a watch were not on stock (when at the time I ordered in their web page it showed “in stock”) and requested that I choose different products at a similar price and of the same shipping cost also informed me that the other items were sent. I was not happy but I did and two days after he/she/whatever came back via email and requested me to pay a difference and someone sent an order to may paypal account for that payment. I was so mad that I answered that email telling him/her/whatever that I was not going to pay one more cent because their web page showed that all items were in stock, they charged me in full my credit card, they sent a partial order without even asking, had to choose two items that were not the ones that I initially bought and now they wanted me to pay a difference. I immediately started a dispute on paypal and afterwards I received an email from that Jianly Ding Dang Deng or whatever telling me that if I did not closed the dispute they were not going to send me anything and they were no longer going to sell products and/or to do business, basically he/she/whatever threatened me and tried to force me to close the dispute. Almost one month later I received their package which only contained one cellphone, one broken watch, the earphones and the xbox 360 remote control, so finally they did not sent three of my products ordered and paid and the wrist watch that they sent was broken. Continued the paypal dispute and in the meantime people from davismicro.com / brandsdragon.com kept requesting that I closed the dispute in order to send the paid products. After one more month, sending all email communication with davismicro/brandsdragon via fax as well as photographs of the package and its contents and all related paperwork (by the way a waste of time the disputes on paypal, took them almost 2 months to decide that there was not sufficient evidence to sustain my claim), paypal just decided that the documents that I sent were not delivered on time (when they were sent when they requested same) and practically I was not only ripped off by davismicro/brandsdragon but also by paypal. Please be aware of doing business with davismicro.com/brandsdragon.com their products are of so low quality, they send you broken products and even do not sent what you paid for and there is nothing you can do because even paypal can’t, you will be robed, ripped off and scammed. I do not recommend this seller and/or paypal for future transactions.

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