Apr 06

When it comes to the dress trends of 2010, black and white prom dresses are definitely one of the most eye-catching. Combining the two classic colors black and white, this style of prom dresses is nothing special but extremely classic. A black and white prom dress can always add an elegant and lady-like touch to the wearer in a dancing party. Though in plain color styles, black and white prom dresses easily overshadow those bright-colored prom dresses.

If a girl wants to stay fashionable this year, she can’t miss at least one black and white prom dress in her wardrobe. Likewise, if you are running a business selling women’s dresses, you should really be aware of be trend and stock up black and white prom dresses for your inventory as soon as possible. To help our readers get some guide to buying black and white prom dresses, I did some homework on researching the major China wholesale websites such as Lightinthebox and AliExpress, and I am happy to share the following information.

I personally believe that Lightinthebox.com is the best wholesale marketplace to shop all kinds of dresses including prom dresses. Unfortunately, this time I failed to find enough pieces of black and white prom dresses although I did find a huge selection of little black prom dresses and other gorgeous prom dresses in various bright colors there.

On the contrary, I was shocked by the wide range of black and white prom dresses on another China-based wholesale marketplace: AliExpress.com. I tried searching for black and white prom dresses on AliExpress by the keyword phrase “black and white dress”, and wow, I got 1965 search results displayed neatly there! A glance at the images of the black and white prom dresses had already impressed me quite deeply before I looked closer into some of them offered by different suppliers. Then, I found that most of the wholesale black and white prom dresses there are the latest styles for 2010 and their prices range from around 10 USD to around 100 USD based on wholesale quantity, quality, material, craftsmanship, etc. If you are interested,  take a good look there yourself.

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