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In 2018 Artisan Cutlery was founded as a small US-based company working directly with its manufacturing facility in YangJiang China. The goal of Artisan Cutlery has always been to bring the highest quality products to market using top-of-the-line manufacturing and materials, modern techniques, and traditional know-how. Now Artisan Cutlery has become so much more than just another knife manufacturer. Artisan Cutlery has become a platform for designer expression, innovative thinking, and constant attention to the desires of our customers and fans. Artisan Cutlery doesn’t just make knives; Artisan Cutlery makes knives for people who love their knives.

In 2019, with a growing demand for even more budget-focused tools, Artisan Cutlery decided to launch its CJRB brand. With a focus on uncompromised quality at an affordable price point, the CJRB line of knives quickly gathered a huge following. CJRB stands on its own with a line of products that defy conventional expectations by delivering a genuinely premium feeling knife, made with top-quality materials, and built to out-perform its competitors.

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