Feb 23

According to Urban.com, the famous Chinese e-commerce online community, Aliexpress.com has been openly recruiting sellers of top international brands since early January, 2014. This activity will last till March 31. During this period, as long as you can provide valid data and pass through the qualification verification of Aliexpress.com, you will be allowed to sell branded products at the website. So far, only corporation-type sellers have been given the chance to apply for the qualification and individual sellers are excluded. Note that this time only 300 designated brands are invited to join the wholesale trading platform.

This is a sign indicating that Aliexpress.com is getting more and more ambitious in the international trading arena. In the Chinese foreign trade industry, people regard it as Aliexpress’ attempt to become an international Tmall.com, the biggest brand shopping website on the Chinese domestic market, also belonging to Alibaba Group. Lots of well-known brands with good international reputation have been invited to sell products to global buyers at Aliexpress.com, e.g. Camel, Big Foot, Pomp, Jewel Ora, Neo, etc. Even the famous online international fashion retail brand Milanoo.com has opened a franchise store there.

At Aliexpress.com, you can find an exclusive channel for the brands – you can access it by clicking on the Brand Showcase button at the bottom area of their homepage. There you can find products from verified brands covering various categories: Phones & Accessories, Computers & Accessories, Automotive, Jewelry & Watches, Wardrobe, Home & Garden and Kids & Toys. Compared to the majority of product listings at the site, products for sale in this channel are much better guaranteed in terms of authenticity, quality and related pre-sales and after-sales service.

Brand Channel of Aliexpress.com

Every brand included in that channel has to be strictly verified by Aliexpress.com in terms of qualifications before it opens the branded store there. All brands have signed an agreement with the website to guarantee that every product they are offering there is 100% genuine. If Aliexpress.com receives a complaint against any brand claiming that a product is counterfeit and proves it is true with valid evidence, the store will be significantly punished based on the agreement and even be removed from the website forever.

Aug 31

When we look for a reliable Chinese online store to buy things, the biggest concern is always about safety. It is important to do research on the shopping site to uncover their nature and some general rules apply to all China-based online shops when it comes to seeking a legit foreign trade company to trade with. At the same time, note that different sites have different characteristics in running their business and thus we should deal with them differently. This post is meant to provide a helpful guide to safe shopping DHgate.com in particular.Android 4.1 2G Dual SIM Phablet

As for shopping with DHgate.com in a secure way, I have summarized the key tips as below:

1. Review the feedback profile. If the feedback score of the seller is mostly positive, it is more likely that the seller is more trustworthy. Also, the detailed customer reviews for different products can give you some inspiration on how the products are or how the seller is. I personally value customer ratings and customer reviews so much that I would read pages of reviews in order to get a better idea about the product as well as the seller.

2. Read carefully the product descriptions, including MOQ (minimum order quantity), unit price, processing time, shipping methods and shipping time, payment option, shipping cost, material, size and more.

If you decide to buy a product, you are encouraged to save screenshots of the product page just in case a dispute happens due to item not as described. That kind of evidence can help you win the support of the DHgate dispute ruling team.

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Aug 19

I am thinking of buying a prom dress on Lightinthebox.com. The prices are so cheap! It looks like a scam, I’m wondering if it’s safe? Is Lightinthebox a legit site? Has anyone used Lightinthebox to shop anything? How is Lightinthebox.com? You can find heaps of such questions on the internet and as a buyer who never uses a shopping site before, you are always encouraged to ask questions as many as you can. Of course, you should also try hard to get the answers.
Discounted Custom Tailored Special Occasion Dresses at Lightinthebox.com

It’s a Chinese is which is not a good sign and it seems to have a controversial reputation among global buyers. Personally I wouldn’t trust any China-based store as the risk is seemly high. However, if a trusted friend or someone I am familiar with has purchased something from the store and is satisfied with the product and the customer service, I think I would consider using the site for shopping.

Usually, I would scan quickly the websites to get a basic evaluation on whether it is a legit site or not. They should at least provide a safe payment option like Paypal; their website should look quite professional with neat layouts, user-friendly navigation and clear photo images as well as product description; the checkout process should be easy to go through and more aspects will be taken into my consideration when it comes to judging the nature of the shopping website.

Then, I would go for more details before I make a shopping decision. For instance, if I am looking for a wedding dress at fashion stores such as Lightinthebox.com, I would check the sizing chart and confirm with the service representatives on which sizes fit me exactly. You know, US sizes can be different from Chinese sizes though usually they would indicate the US sizes for US customers. Also, I would try to find out how long it takes to make the dress and how long it takes for delivery.

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Jul 16

A new school year means a fresh start. Everyone wants to feel like being the new and improved self on the first day of school. For this reason, most teenagers or college students start to dread the arrival of September in early August since they are not completely ready yet to usher in the new beginning. There are so many school supplies to prepare and so many things to do to get themselves ‘refreshed’. The following 2013 back-to-school checklist may help.Fashion Sweatshirts for 2013 Back to School

1. Buy outfits that will make you feel comfy and confident on your first days back. Make sure you will be wearing something of your favorites at least on the very first day to kick off the new school year. Never ignore this part as this will make difference on how you feel about yourself and bring your optimism for the year.

2. Get yourself a new haircut. With a fresh haircut you will feel extra-polished and you will never be afraid to say hi to people you used to ignore or secretly admire.

3. Prepare a few pairs of comfy shoes. The solely stylish footwear may pain your feet because of unreasonable designs. When you pick up shoes for the new school year, the priority is to consider whether they will make your feet feel comfortable or not. Otherwise, you may suffer a lot from the “beautiful shoes”. Of course, it is also important to go for those of your taste. You know, like the outfits, they will greatly affect your feelings.

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Jun 17

International Express Shipping Methods

The best thing of scooping up the holiday deals from Chinese stores is: you can always get the best stuff at the lowest prices. However, the time frame for international shipping may be a big concern for you, especially if you start the shopping only days ahead of the important holiday day or event. Don’t worry. The stores have their own ways to ensure that the holiday gifts or supplies you order with them will arrive in time. All you need to do is to read the product descriptions with shipping info carefully or to confirm with the service people on the time frame of the delivery.

Shipping from Western Local Warehouses

Many Chinese retail stores have warehouses based in Hong Kong, the UK or the USA. Generally, they choose to pre-stock some suitable products in the overseas warehouses to prepare for the grand promotions targeting a particular holiday or event. That way they can ensure that even when the holiday or event is just a few days left, local shoppers are able to get the deals on the gifts in time. Generally, their holiday deals will be closed by the deadline so that they have enough time for delivery.

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Apr 26

It is now overwhelming reported that the release date of Samsung Galaxy S4 is being delayed due to storage issues. Pre-orders for the handset have far outstripped the availability in the US and the UK and as a result many shops have to delay the sales dates for the S4. The strong global demand for the Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone gives us a hint that the accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4 will be hot-selling in the coming weeks. Many re-sellers have started prowling the internet for best-margin accessories for the new model. But where to buy the best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases and other related accessories at low prices? Chinese shopping sites are definitely a good choice. Read details below if you are interested in this topic.

While people have to pay dozens of dollars for a protective case for high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy 4 in the local stores in the US or the UK, they can easily get a lovely and quality case from a reliable Chinese site with only a few dollars for their beloved mobile device through an online transaction. The much lower prices do not mean the products are exterior in terms of designs or quality. Many of them look really amazing. You won’t get any difficulty in finding a creative or unique case that fits both your phone and your budget as long as you find a right site to trade with.

You can take a look at the cell phone cases or other accessories for sale on the most popular Chinese sites such as Dinodirect.com (read review), Focalprice.com (read review), Tmart.com (read review), Priceangels.com (read review)or Lightake.com (read review). Generally, if a Chinese site is offering great protective cases at competitive prices for the current best cell phone handset like Samsung Galaxy SIII, they are very likely to sell equally good cases for Samsung Galaxy 4. Actually, some of them have already listed Samsung Galaxy S4 cases into their stores to seize the attractive business opportunity. For instance, Ahappydeal.com (read review) have posted a banner promoting their Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories:
Deals on Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories at Ahappydeal.com
The following elegant TPU full body case for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 is available at $6.99 plus free shipping at Miniinthebox.com (read review), the electronic gadget channel of the famous Chinese online store Lightinthebox.com  (read review).
TPU Full Body Case for Samsung Galaxy S3
This solid colored Samsung Galaxy S3 case has 9 colors to choose from. The simple look makes it a classic choice for S3 owners. Being one of the best-selling protective cases for Samsung Galaxy S3 at the site, it has received a 5-out-of-5-stars rating posted by over 70 customers. Besides this one, the site carries a wide range of other cases suitable for Samsung Galaxy S3 that come in various styles or designs, patterns, materials, colors or prices. Here are some of the top rated ones:
Top rated Samsung Galaxy S3 cases at Minithebox.com
Top rated Samsung Galaxy S3 protective cases at Miniinthebox.com

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