Dec 17

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Apr 30

The school formal dress collection at is always a focus of attention to me. When I scan over the site as my daily job, I just can’t help being attracted by the new gorgeous prom dresses featured by its own models at the homepage banners. The following strapless A-line chiffon prom dress accessorized by Rhinestone, for instance, caught my eyes instantly and I love it so much!

Strapless A-line Chiffon Prom Dress with Rhinestone

After reviewing the details of the dress, I wish I was still a school girl who was invited to various proms or parties and had the chance to show my best with unique and fashionable dresses. carries so many attractive styles in prom dresses that you will breezily find suiting your taste or body shape. Plus, you never need to worry about the cost as the pricing is always friendly.

In addition to the stunning prom dress showcased above, the Chinese shopping site is now promoting a refreshing collection of new arrivals in 2014 trendy formal dresses for school girls. Below lists some of the best styles and you can click on the image to view all the best deals on 2014 prom dresses available at
best deals on 2014 prom dresses at

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Apr 15

Some parents find it a tricky task to find a beautiful first communion dress for their dear girls. If you are one of them, I would personally advise you take a look at the various online stores to get inspiration as well as an awesome deal on the dress you are looking for.

First Communion Dresses on Sale at

Besides having much more styles to choose from, you can also benefit from the way lower pricing online stores offer. Especially if you choose a Chinese international shop, the cost can be really little as China is the base of all kinds of apparel factories including special occasion dress manufacturers. The only downside to using Chinese sites to buy cheap first communion dresses is the longer international shipping time. Anyway, some renowned online clothing retailers like have perfectly solved this problem.

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Mar 23

The prom season of this year has begun and girls are hunting for 2014 trendy prom dresses to get ready for the one-after-another hilarious parties. In addition to out-standing styles, cheap prices are usually the second biggest concern for ladies who are trying to purchase the best-valued prom dresses online. This post will introduce several reliable Chinese online stores which offer 2014 latest styles in prom dresses at super cheap prices or discounted prices.

To better help interested parties find the desired prom dresses, I will pick the best Chinese prom dress suppliers based on my knowledge here. This time I will recommend professional stores of special occasion dresses only, though there are a number of great comprehensive online shopping malls where you can also find good deals on prom dresses. As an expert supplier of all kinds of party dresses, stands out by amazing varieties of styles, good quality as well as reasonable prices. The prices displayed at the site look not so competitive compared to those at their competing sites but after you take into the free shipping service into account, you won’t think that way. So far, it is the only China-based special occasion store offering free shipping worldwide. The store carries over 1,300 items in the product line of prom dresses and currently they are promoting hard on prom dresses by releasing deals and coupon codes frequently. See the latest Amormoda coupon codes here >>

2014 Cheap Prom Dresses at
Images courtesy of If you are a regular shopper with Chinese online stores, you must know this shopping site. It is so famous that no one can exceed it in terms of global reputation in the arena of special occasion dresses foreign trading. It is the true forerunner in this field and over years it has become a premium supplier of prom dresses, wedding dresses, evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses and any other formal or semi-formal dresses. Though prom dresses are not their biggest revenue earner with about 1,000 items, I still strongly recommend it to girls who love high-end prom dresses at affordable prices. Their quality standards are definitely among the top-rated and their pre-sales and after-sales services are better since they are already a listed company. You may be worried that such a powerful company offers higher prices. Actually, their prices are very competitive and you can choose prom dresses at different price ranges based on your budget. Besides, various promotions and discount codes are launched to further reduce your cost and deep discounts are often offered on shipping. See the latest Lightinthebox coupon codes here >>

2014 Cheap Prom Dresses at
Image courtesy of


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Jul 07

One Shoulder Chiffon Flower Bridesmaid Dress Since I created this blogging site, I have been trying hard to deliver an all-around review of any Chinese shopping website, hoping that interested parties can get all the basic information about the company without spending too much time scouting around the internet. As for, another Chinese online supplier of wedding dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses and other special occasion dresses, I would also like to include all key points about them to help you uncover their real identity.

General Info

The online store is based in Shenzhen, China while their co-operative dressmakers are mostly based in Suzhou, the manufacturing hub of wedding dresses and all kinds of other formal dresses and semi-formal dresses. Didobridal is not enjoying a big name like in the field of special occasion dresses on the global market, but it is truly a legally registered firm running real business.

Similar to many other China-based online stores, Didobridal is operated along with a number of sister shopping websites by the same company. So far I am pretty sure that is of one the sister websites of, focused on different product lines though.

Prices & Discounts

The prices for the wedding dresses, flower girl dresses, prom dress or other special occasion dresses at do now show an obvious advantage compared to their competitors. However, the frequently issued coupon codes or special offers can save you a lot with deep discounts. For instance, the Hot Styles Sale is now going on there with up to 85% off. Most of the bestselling styles included are priced at under $100 after discount.
Discounted Special Occasion Dresses at Didobridal

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May 18 has been extensively acknowledged as a renowned Chinese online retailer offering affordable high-street standardized fashion products, especially formal dresses that fit grand occasions like a wedding ceremony or an evening banquet. They are so into the world fashion trends that they are always able to create fabulous looks for their customers at a cost everyone can afford. What their fashion products impress me are the exotic styles as well as the decent quality which I’ve been learning from the countless real customer reviews posted on the internet. I myself buy dresses from their Chinese domestic shopping channels from time to time too and honestly, I can’t be more satisfied with what I’ve got from them so far. Let’s just take a quick look at the floral dresses or skirts they are selling on their site for global buyers. I bet you will be attracted, too.
Floral Print Summer Dresses at
Look for more floral printed dresses at here >>

If you really care about the discounts, then you should probably pay attention to if any Lightinthebox coupon codes can be redeemed on your order. In fact some of the floral summer dresses have already been offered with a discount – you can find the discount information straight on the product image shown in the listings. Their Today’s Sales section may also include some great deals on the type of floral dresses that fit your taste so just check it regularly if you do not rush buying one.

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