Jun 22

Where to Find the Widest Range of iPad Cases for Sale?

As iPad sweeps over the world, iPad accessories like iPad cases are in greater and greater demand, especially in the European and American regions. Like other cases for electronic gadgets, iPad cases are mainly meant for protecting iPad from scratches. However, the fashionable touch is now another important feature of most iPad protective cases.

In Apple Store, an iPad case cost about $40 while in some China shopping websites, you can get an equally good iPad case for low as $4.99. You may wonder how it could be possible? But it is 100% true. Many Chinese suppliers offer accessories for famous electronic gadgets including iPad and iPhone at unbelievably low wholesale prices. Since iPad is still quite young in the global market, so far, not all China-based wholesale websites provide a complete array of iPad skin cases. Based on our comparison, Uxcell should be the best online shopping store for cheap iPad cases in terms of item variety and prices.

On Uxcell.com, you will be able to find 160 different styles of wholesale iPad cases neatly displayed there with detailed descriptions on their materials, sizes and other specifications. Also, you can see a set of clear images for each iPad case. There any person of any age or gender can easily find the right style that fits him or her taste.

Wholesale iPad Cases on Uxcell
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Jun 10

Get Useful iPad Accessories to Compliment and Protect Your iPad

Wholesale iPad Accessories

Since iPad was launched in April, 2010, various kinds of iPad accessories have been springing one after another from every corner of the world. It is not at all exaggerating to say that the delivery speed of the great variety of iPad accessories is completely in line with that of iPad itself. It has been just a few months since the release date of iPad, but now in the global market you can see a vast array of iPad accessories, some of which are cool beyond your imagination.

Here we are about to introduce some of the most popular iPad accessories among the various China wholesale shopping websites. It’s no longer a secret that China is the best in manufacturing accessories for electronics, cell phones, PCs and other web-based gadgets like iPad. That explains why every year, swarms of resellers look for such accessories from China’s wholesale market, especially through the internet.

In general, iPad accessories from China feature the lowest prices and the biggest catalogs. As we know, accessories for PCs or similar items do not require high-tech manufacturing techniques, which is part of the reason why China’s factories are able to develop and produce so many iPad accessories at such a fast speed. And today, many Chinese iPad accessories suppliers offer free shipping or dropshipping service to global buyers.

If you are looking for iPad accessories, no matter for personal use or for your business, you are encouraged to see which iPad accessories are hot among the users currently. And the below list of bestsellers of iPad accessories may give you some inspiration. Read more »

Jun 06

Where to Get Quality but Low Priced Wholesale USB Gadgets from China?

Along with the development of computer technology, more and more PC accessories are brought to our eyes, among which USB gadgets are the most popular. As to whether they are useful or not, the answer is always “yes, of course”. But how useful such tiny little computer stuffs can be? Here I’d like to introduce the variety of wholesale USB gadgets that are extremely hot in the market.

The wholesale USB gadgets in China are usually classified into three main types according to the usage: computers and networking, electronics and home appliances. Under the computers and networking category, there are sorts of wholesale USB gadgets for computer users. For instance, the USB gadgets such as the USB flash drives can make it very convenient for data transport, system administration, brand and product promotion, etc. And the USB hub, a device that expands a single USB port into several so that there are more ports available to connect devices to a host system, is rapid gaining its popularity over the computer users. Moreover, new wholesale USB products like roll-up keyboards, external USB SATA drive docks are extensively offered on the China wholesale websites.

Wholesale USB Gadgets - Lovely Robot USB Hubs

Lovely Robot USB Hubs on DavisMicro.com

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May 12

China Shopping Website Uxcell

Founded in 2004, Uxcell.com is a factory-direct China shopping store for all kinds of consumer electronics. Based in Hong Kong, its customers cover the majority of countries or regions around the world. Anyway, it seems that the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are its biggest customer sources—it puts the three countries on the top of the drop-down menu of the “country” section on its checkout page.

Wholesale or Retail?
Basically, my research indicates that Uxcell.com focuses on retail business rather than wholesale business. Unlike other China shopping companies such as Lightinthebox and DavisMicro, Uxcell does not show its priority on giving lower prices on bigger orders. When you add an item there into your shopping cart, you won’t see any price difference shown there for different sizes of orders. But we have to admit that the prices Uxcell offers are already very low. For example, a TV remote control sports watch is priced at US$8.99 only. After all, its products all come from factories directly and there prices must be very competitive. Given this, though it is not a traditional wholesale website, I believe it is still a good store to buy in bulk for one’s inventory. Read more »

May 09


Below are the latest UXcell coupon codes, coupons, discounts, promo codes and special offers. UXcell.com is a Hong Kong based e-commerce platform linked with 100+ factories directly. UXcell is carrying a wide range of electronics, video game, PC, cellphone accessories, fashion jewelry, watches, toys, sports goods, tools & hardware, car accessories, home accessories, etc. Furthermore, UXcell offers low-shipping fee, 12 months warranty and a refund guarantee.

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