Oct 03

The first glance at the homepage of Fasttech.com makes me fall in love with the site instantly. For me, simplicity means more. The initial impression tells me that this is a cool electronic company serving global customers. Then, by a closer investigation, I further confirm that my feeling about the site does not lie to me. Below I am going to share about my personal review of Fasttech based on research.

General Info

It is a legit online store of electronics and accessories with a business license registered in Hong Kong in April, 2012, operated by CLOUD COMMERCE SYSTEMS LIMITED. Although it leaves a Hong Kong office address at its website as its corporate mailing address, I seriously doubt it. I guess its head offices are actually situated in Shenzhen, just like many other Chinese international electronic shops do. Anyway, so far I haven’t got any evidence for that and I don’t think it is a big deal for customers.

Novelty Stands for iPhone 5 at Fasttech.com

Compared to its competitors, Fasttech.com seems to be more employees-oriented by offering its staff a pleasant workplace, attractive and fair welfares and equal development opportunities. Its office look so modern that I believe its staff should enjoy working there in such comfortable workplaces. From my point of view, only when a company cares about how its employees feel about the working environment, can it be a really cool corporation that will finally achieve success. I admire this quality very much, be honest.

Also, I am quite surprised to find how open and honest this Chinese online store is after reviewing its forum and the customer reviews. The moderators of its forum are not its internal staff but its international customers. Every thread is posted out there without any moderation. The customer reviews, likewise, contain all kinds of customer ratings and opinions instead of just good reviews.

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