May 24

As people use any Chinese shopping websites for the first time, it is always a necessity to research before you place the first order there. Then how should we get out of our way to do the research work most efficiently?

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Based on my knowledge and experience, the key part is to search the internet for and read the reviews of the company as much as you can. Blogs, forums, SNS communities and professional review platforms may help. Try using the terms like “Sunsky-online reviews”, “Sunsky-online scams ”, “Sunsky-online complaints” or “Sunsky-online rip offs” to get some related results so that you can learn a lot from the information posted by real customers or third-party reviewers. By encouraging you to use the terms, I didn’t mean to ask you to stay pessimistic about the China shopping site. Instead, I just want you to look at the worst sides of them first. If negative reviews against them are not a big deal for you in terms of quantity as well as detailed contents, then you should go for them.

At the same time, in practice, if you try to search the reviews of any other more reputable Chinese websites such as via positive terms like “Lightinthebox good reviews”, you are unlikely to get any helpful results. While angry customers need to vent their unhappiness on the internet to ruin the reputation of a store, people who have a pleasant shopping experience rarely bother posting any reviews online.

Note that what you are reading ahead is a full review of composed based on research. The information provided here is just for your reference only.

Company Background

Founded in 2001, is another popular online retailer and wholesaler of electronic gadgets. The site belongs to the legitimate company Shenzhen SUNSKY Technology Limited while it is also a fully-owned subsidiary of EforChina Limited (read review of which operates a few factories of electronics of their owns.  Read more »

Jul 17

When you search the internet for customer reviews of, you may get few helpful results – there are lots of video product reviews posted by eForChina though. As a professional review website, we never use the site to buy anything. However, as we review other China-based international shopping websites, we know well how to dig out the most useful information about the site. The following eForChina review is written based on a thorough research on the company. Hope this helps those who are interested in doing business with the site.

An Overview of eForChina

eForChina Company Logo

I notice that the office of the website is located in Huaqiangbei, the famous electronic shopping centre in Shenzhen. That makes senses as is an online store of electronics. I used Google Map to search the contact address they indicate at their site and confirmed that it is a legitimate office building.

In the popular Chinese foreign trade forums, I found some topics talking about the China-based online store. In addition, I read carefully all the important details indicated on their official site both in English and Chinese. As I always do, I used different search engines to hunt for related reviews or comments on the site. Here are my summaries:

  • The website was launched in 2008.
  • Their company size is no more than 100 full-time employees.
  • Seeing that few reviews about the site exist on the Internet, they are not a big name on the global market.
  • Their registered Chinese company name is: Shenzhen Yuekeda Technology Co., Ltd
  • Although not famous among the Chinese international trade arena, eForChina is a legitimate company that does serious business with buyers around the world based on my personal judgment.
  • Complaints or negative reviews about eForChina can be hardly founded online.
  • They are doing pretty well in video marketing by using world-famous video showcasing websites like
  • Their contact phone number works, in a professional way – I’ve tried the number myself! This is an important sign that further proves that the company does exist and provide services.
  • The site is easy to navigate or place an order. Each product is very clearly showcased with high-resolution images, specifications, prices for different order sizes, shipping methods and time and the like. Based on my testing, it takes only a few minutes to complete a checkout process.
  • Some on-sale products are available with one or more free gifts (usually related accessories).

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