Mar 08

I have introduced a good number of China-based online electronic gadget stores at this site and more are being added to the category. is the latest one I’ve recently discovered and believes that it is a store worth being trusted by global buyers. My reasons are simple enough:

1. The store is honest and open-minded by making its contact information clearly known to the public.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, has 20 local warehouses in the USA, the UK, the mainland China, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Spain and more. It stated the office address (RM1202, 12/F, TUNG CHUN COMMERCIAL CENTRE, 438-444 SHANGHAI STREET, KOWLOON, HONGKONG) and phone service number (00 852 8191 5696) clearly at its official website. This needs courage and most Chinese stores won’t do that to avoid troubles. At the same time, this shows how open and honest the store is. It does not mind being further researched by buyers who have a chance to visit its working place. Anyway, I still guess it should also have offices in Shenzhen, the neighboring city with the largest quantity of electronic factories.

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2. The store is experienced in selling electronic gadgets at well-known platforms.

Just like the popular Chinese gadget shop or, rooted its feet on the global market not from its own shopping website. Instead, it built its name from famous third-party transaction platforms like eBay. It has been making huge success from selling cheap but quality made-in-China consumer electronics at eBay since 2004. It is the ambition to expand its business scope that urges it to create its own shopping website, which can help the company to better offer services to its customers across the globe. After all, merchants have to abide to lots of rules and regulations established by trading sites such as eBay or Amazon and they have to pay commissions to these service providers. By using their own sites to sell products, their cost can be significantly reduced and thus be able to offer lower prices to benefit the customers.

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