Apr 12

As I mentioned earlier, recently I start paying much closer attention to Dinodirect.com. Impressed by their fast growth in product range and customer base, I just can’t help doing more research on them in order to help interested parties learn more about the site. Since it looks like being backed by a very powerful company and as a result they are able to develop so quickly, it is probably a good choice for those who are looking for reliable Chinese sites to buy things from.

One thing I’m pretty sure is: they are selling authentic branded stuff, though not from world name brands. Almost every product listed at the Dinodirect.com site is described with the officially registered trademark in the product title so that you can instantly recognize which brand the product belongs to and you don’t have to worry that it is a counterfeit. Read the detailed review of Dinodirect.com here >>

Fashion and accessories are one of the major departments of Dinodirect.com. They launch promotions quite frequently for such products with attractive discounts. Currently, they are offering an amazing collection of 2013 summer apparel and accessories for both men and women with up to 40% off.

Here in particular, I would like to share some sexy summer wardrobe statements for women picked up from the sale.

Xiami Lace Vest Lingerie Camisole Sets
Xiami™ transparent perspective temptation lace vest lingerie camisole sets at $12.99 plus free shipping

Tiantian Sexy Cut Shoulder Littble Black Dress
TIANTIAN™ Korean ladies’ sweet little black cut shoulder dress at $18.39 plus free shipping
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Apr 02

The 2013 April Fool’s Day has just gone but the special sale for this holiday of fun is still on the go at Dinodirect.com, a popular Chinese international shopping mall. As I often mention, Dinodirect.com launch coupon codes regularly and frequently and you should really search out some useful Dinodirect discount codes before you place an order there. That way you can save even more.

2013 April Fools Day Deals at Dinodirect.com

This time, they are offering an extra 12% off any products sitewide, including their bestselling category tablet PCs. Just by entering the coupon code “FOOL” during the checkout process, you will get the discount off instantly. Based on my information, the offer ends April 8th, 2013.

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Mar 21

Occasionally Chinese sites like to host a particular game for their customers to win coupons, gifts or other special offers. Now Dinodirect.com (read the detailed review of the site here) has a game-based promotional activity on the go. Just by shooting a target heart with the arrow, you may get a coupon or voucher, a gift card, a free shipping card, iDinor VIP membership or a gift from the category of Wedding Apparel & Accessories. What is more exciting, three iPhone 5 are honored as a prize for the game every day during the promotional period, which will last for about one month.

Game to Win Dinodirect Coupon Code

The shooting game is easy to play, a little bit like the one hosted by Aliexpress.com in January, 2013. Before you start the game, you have to register a Dinodirect account first. Of course, if you already have one, just use it to play the game right away. Every ID has three chances to win the benefits. Each chance has a winning rate as high as 50%. Some people said they had won 2 or 3 prizes with the three chances!

The detailed values of the coupon offers for the game at Dinodirect.com are as follows:

  • 10% off any order sitewide
  • 7% off any order sitewide $4 off orders of over $30
  • $6 off orders of over $50
  • $10 off orders of over $70
  • $12 off orders of over $100

The face values of the gift cards include: $1, $2 and $5.

If you are interested in trading with the Chinese online shopping mall Dinodirect.com, the game is definitely a great opportunity to cut your cost. Even if you don’t have any shopping plan at present, it costs nothing to win the coupons or other special offers first, not to mention the tempting prize iPhone 5.

Why not give it a try now? Click here to play the game at the site.

Mar 20

I noticed that a number of Dinodirect negative reviews posted online claim that when they are unhappy with the item received and want to return it for a refund, they are required to cover the return shipping fee. This problem seems very common among China-based online shops  – even the premium Chinese supplier Lightinthebox.com is sometimes complained against due to return shipping fee-related issues.

According to Dinodirect’s Return Policies, if a product is not damaged on purpose, buyers can return the goods with quality problems for a full refund including shipping fees. Also, if you can prove that the product is not as described, they promise they will take full responsibility. However, if a product is defective or not liked due to other reasons than the site’s fault, buyers have to pay the return shipping fees in order to request for a refund.Tablets and Accessories at Dinodirect.com

The most controversial points regarding this return policy item are:

1. The buyers do not read clearly their return polices before placing an order there. After they receive a product they don’t like or don’t want, they hope to return it for a full refund but are informed that they have to pay the high return shipping fee, which makes the buyers feel extremely unhappy as they believe such return policy is asinine or unfriendly. Be fair, every legitimate shopping site has a clear indicated return policy and if you do want to trade with them, you gotta accept the agreements. What’s more importantly, you need to get yourself completely aware of your responsibilities and rights before you purchase anything there. Otherwise you may be disappointed by the service when a problem is occurred.

2. While some buyers try to show that the products they receive have quality issues, they fail to show supportive evidence like photographs or videos to convince the Dinodirect after-sales customer service staff that the problems are site’s fault instead of being out of the buyer’s wrong operation on purpose or due to carelessness. From my personal perspective, both sides have a half-half chance to find favor. Either the buyers or Dinodirect (read the detailed review of the site) are telling the facts. It just depends on how clearly they are able to prove the fairness.

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Mar 14

Some Chinese stores have launched their St. Patrick’s Day 2013 deals as a way to cater for the convention observed by their global customers. Usually they either offer discounted products in green or distribute coupon codes for buyers to redeem on a selection of green stuff. This year, Dinodirect.com (read the detailed review) choose to offer a coupon code to reduce the price.

From March 12 to March 18, shoppers at Dinodirect.com can use the 2013 St. Patrick’s Day coupon code “ST” to get $5 off instantly at checkout when their order value reaches $40. Note that the coupon code can only be redeemed on products listed on the St. Patrick’s Day promotional page.

Not surprisingly, all the St. Patrick’s Day deals are colored in green, covering categories like women’s clothing, men’s clothing, home décor & accents or lucky clovers. If you love to wear something green or decorate your home with a green flavor on the St. Patrick’s Day, you might be interested in the products they offer. Here are some lovely green St. Patrick’s Day items I personally fall in love with:

Ruffle Long Sleeve Sweet Dress for Women
Ruffle Long Sleeves Sweet Green Dress for Women, at $14.99 before discount

Floral Printed Leisure Men's Board Shorts
Floral Printed Men’s Board Pants (I am considering buying this style for my husband), at $17.39 before discount

Large Tree Home Decorative Wall Sticker
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Mar 09

Now Dinodirect.com is carrying a selection of sequin style fashion and accessories at discounted prices plus free shipping to any destination of the world. If you are a sequin enthusiast, you should really take a look at the deals.

All the products included in that promotion are for women only. I myself love sequin stuff and have several statement sequin party dresses and shoes in my wardrobe. When I saw the collection of sequin products on sale at Dinodirect.com, I can’t help sharing it with people who are also interested in. I am just a little obsessed with shiny metal pieces. Be frank, I want to take all the sequin apparel and accessories home – I really want to!

The specific products available in the promotion include sequin short or mini dresses, women’s sequin T-shirts, women’s sequin jackets, women’s sequin blouses, women’s sequin suits, women’s sequin high heels, women’s sequin pumps for wedding, women’s sequin low heel shoes, women’s sequin chunky athletic shoes, women’s sequin satchels, shoulder bags, messenger bags, party or evening bags, cosmetic bags and women’s clutch bags, sequin cocktail dresses and women’s sequin hats and masks for Halloween cosplay. They are all wonderful choices for styling out in the summer, especially for attending a special occasion like a cocktail party. In particular, I love the three sequin cocktail dresses most. I believe they definitely will make the wearers stand out in any cocktail party, do you agree with me?
Thigh Length Sequin Zipper Cocktail Dress Strapless Sequined Short Paillette Cocktail Dress Sequin Decoration Tulle Cocktail Dress

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